10 Things That Make Me Happy

10 Things That Make Me Happy tag. Concentrating on the positive side of life to improve your health and wellbeing. Bringing positivity back into our lives.

10 Things That Make Me Happy tag. Concentrating on the positive side of life to improve your health and wellbeing. Bringing positivity back into our lives.

I was recently tagged by Claire from The Pramshed to complete the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag. You can check out her post HERE. It has taken me a while to make the time to write this but as there is so much evil in the world this week, today felt the perfect time to sit and write it. We all need a little extra happiness and positivity in our lives at the moment. So here is mine.

1. My Daughters

Of course they had to feature in this list so I thought I would get them done first. Yes they make me happy, of course they do. But they also make me cross, frustrated, upset and a multitude of other feelings. With that in mind I thought I would pick one thing about them that never fails to make me happy.

When the give each other a cuddle.

This happens a lot. They are very, very close and so cute together. Yes, they bicker. Yes, they annoy each other. But at the end of it all I will turn around and see them snuggled up together in a big cuddle. That makes me very happy!

2. My Husband

I couldn’t write this without giving Hubby a mention. This is a little close to soppy for me though so I’ll go quickly. 😉

Without him my life would be very different. But again he doesn’t just make me happy (please refer to the other feelings I mentioned above). The one thing he does that makes me the happiest is he makes me laugh. Daily. We all need that in our lives.

3. Snow

I know the summer is coming (finally) and whilst I like the summer and I enjoy the sunshine I do much prefer the cold to the hot. Rain can go away but snow is my favourite weather of all. I love nothing more than waking up to a complete white out. Building snowmen, snowball fights, warming up with a hot chocolate and then doing it all over again. Ahhhh! Bliss!

4. Films

It has been a long time since I have managed to keep up with the latest releases. These days I am so far behind it often feels like the whole world has seen a film before I finally get to it. I should probably make the effort to watch more but the whole tiredness thing seems to get in the way. When I do finally sit down to watch a film, even if it is a pretty average or crap one, I enjoy the watching process. The criticising process. I should have been a film critic back when I had a chance.

5. Baking

Is it a surprise that this is on my list? Of course this had to be on there. I love nothing more than baking up something tasty to share with everyone. Macarons, biscuits and cakes are my favourites.

6. Shopping

Not food shopping. That is a kill joy! But clothes, makeup and interior stuff makes me really happy. Oddly I can’t do sales shopping. I hate riffling through messy, over stocked racks to find they don’t have my size. My favourite shopping is online. I understand this could be a parent thing since trailing two bored kids behind me around the high street isn’t fun for anyone. And I know I should be supporting the high street before it disappears into a distant memory. But online shopping is great! Not only do you get the joys of finding and ordering what you want but you then get the extra buzz when it arrives.

7. Writing

This is greatly why I started blogging. I have always enjoyed writing so I liked the idea of being able to write about what I wanted to write about. Even at school and Uni I enjoyed the essay writing. I didn’t always enjoy the topic of the essay but I liked the writing process. I was a bit of a geek really!

8. Learning

Some of this goes a long with why I liked writing essays when I was in education. I love learning. I love getting my brain working and testing it. Even if I learn something practically useless for my day to day life I am happy that I learnt it. I am a fountain of useless knowledge and facts. This is a quality that actually winds Hubby up quite a bit. I will not, for all the tea in China, be able to relay an important conversation we have had during the day about appointments or school applications. But ask me about the lineage of the Royal Family and I can tell you. Want to know about the history of Sherlock Holmes? I’m your Gal! But can I remember something as important as the date of Trixie’s two year Health Visitor check? NOPE! Thank goodness I added it to Hubby’s calendar too so he reminded me.

9. Eating in Restaurants

This is more than just a ‘I’m not cooking’ thing. I really love eating in restaurants, I like trying new ones and revisiting ones I am familiar with. I spent 12 years waitressing and managing restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. It has been a long time since I left that industry but it still holds a special place with me. Plus it has been long enough now that I don’t inadvertently keep an eye on our waiter to see if he/she is working effectively enough.

10. City Breaks

Holidays in general make me happy. I love a good beach holiday for relaxing. But I do get bored, and quickly. City breaks are my favourite holidays. Even if it is only for a couple of days and even if it is without the girls. Hubby took me to Vienna a couple of years ago child free and it was one of the best breaks I have ever been on. I missed the girls terribly and I would have loved to have them with us but I was still really happy. I love the culture cities offer. The buzz of activity and the secrets waiting to be discovered around each corner. Take me to a city over a beach any day of the week.

I now tag…

There we have it. My 10 Things That Make Me Happy. I hoped you enjoyed reading it and found out a little bit more about what makes me, me.

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10 Things That Make Me Happy tag. Concentrating on the positive side of life to improve your health and wellbeing. Bringing positivity back into our lives.



  1. Love this! Really sweet about your daughters hugging. Eating in restaurants is so great! And I love a city break too. I’ll have to ponder my 10 things…thanks for tagging me!

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