Baking with Children Guest Post Series

As anyone who follows me on the blog or social media, I am a regular baker. It is something that I am really passionate about; it is slowly become more than just a hobby and one day I hope for it to be my job. I have written about some of my favourite bakes from last year here.

A few months ago I was baking with Ellie whilst Trixie had a nap. Now before this I would wait until they were both napping/having down time. I would do all the decorating at night when they were asleep… If I’m honest I still do if it is a project I am using for my professional portfolio. However I suddenly realised Ellie was really good at it. Yes, there was flour in a lot more places than when I do it alone. Yes, everything took twice the time. Yet, she could do it, she could mix and spread and then she could pipe! That’s right, pipe icing! And well! Especially considering she isn’t 4 yet I was quite taken aback. You can see some of our baking and piping skills in my Raspberry Cupcakes post where I included a little vlog.

This made me wonder what I had been avoiding in the first place? Does it matter if the cupcakes don’t work out when they are just for us? Do they need to look perfect when a toddler made them? No, as long as they aren’t poisonous it doesn’t matter.

So I am calling all bloggers with kids of any age who attempt to bake together. I would like to guest host your posts.

I am looking for any type of post baking related. I want your style to come through. So if you usually create Pinterest worthy cakes and could include a recipe or a few photos then that’s great. If you usually end with sunken cakes, flour in your hair and a scene that looks like it has come from a Hollywood war film that’s great too.  I want to see the good, the bad and the ugly that goes with baking with children.

If you think this is something you would like to contribute towards please fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you with all the details you need. The posts will be shared across my social media with the relevant credits attributed to you.

Alongside this I am also starting a baking questions section on the blog where I will be answering any baking questions people have. If you want to decorate a cake but don’t know where to start I can answer that. If you need help with recipes, or allergy alternatives I can help. Perhaps there are baking terms you want help translating then please ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question; the chances are if you don’t know then someone else doesn’t either.   Everything I know has been self-taught through a lot of trial and even more errors. I want to be able to share what I have learnt. So any questions you have please fill in the contact form below and I will write a post answering your question. This will include the same credits to you as the guest posts will.

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  1. What a great idea! I’ve done a couple of bakes with my daughter who is starting to show more interest in it. Can’t wait till she’s a little old to try something a but more complex. x #KCACOLS

  2. Fab idea! I bake with my 3 year old every now and again. It’s incredibly messy and she usually doesn’t want to eat what we’ve made but she has so much fun doing it and loves the feel of flour. I have a couple of baking posts. I’ll be in touch 🙂 #kcacols

  3. I LOVE this. Me and Leo bake together all the time..we are actually going to make brownies tomorrow. I’d love to find out more about your guest to fill in the form now xx #kcacols

  4. This is brilliant. My daughter loves baking but we are truly awful at it and nothing really ends up edible at all and I get stuck with the clean up everytime! #kcacols

    1. Why don’t they help with the clean up? I just can’t understand it 😉 well if you would like to join in I would love to have you and your daughter X

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