This Is Me Now – Baking With Children Guest Post

I am so excited about this! This is the very first instalment of my new Baking With Children Guest Post series.  I will admit when I first put the idea out there to a few bloggers, asking if they would like to take part I wasn’t expecting much response.  Very quickly I had messages of interest and this extremely warm and fuzzy feeling washed over me.  This may actually work!

So down to the baking business….

First up we have Susie from This is Me Now with some very good advice for anyone taking on baking with a toddler for the very first time.  The post she has sent me is an one from last summer and having read it I am so please to be featuring this.  There really is no need to fear baking with little ones (I know I used to) just follow some her simple hints and tips.

This is what Susie has to say about herself and her blog:

I’m 31 originally from York but now living in Norfolk with my husband Matt. We have a daughter, Miss Belle who recently turned two. This Is Me Now is about how I’m adjusting to being a SAHM. I write about our family life, days out, those moments where you pull your hair out and those lovely aww moments where you feel so happy you could burst.  I also am a bit of a foodie so I’ve started adding in some recipes and foodie posts too.


Today I needed to bake a cake whilst somewhat entertaining/supervising my toddler. Loads of people say baking with a toddler is a fun activity, so I thought I’d give Holly Bell’s Bramley Apple Crumble Cake recipe I discovered last week, a go.

I LOVE baking, but I find it hard to do when I’m looking after Miss Belle. It was alright when she was tiny and she’d sleep for ages in a stretchy wrap, or at least sit in her bouncy chair listening to the same irritating four songs on rotation. But once she got bigger and started crawling around, emptying cupboards and generally getting under my feet, it became harder work.

I can’t remember the last time I baked without it being a weekend and having Daddy on duty. I was a bit peeved I had to do it today when it was super hot and I wanted to be playing (I mean sunbathing) in the garden. But it’s for a family party tomorrow and my husband had nominated me to bake for it.

The lessons

Here’s a few things I learnt about baking with a toddler:

  1. Set up a play area with the current favourite toys. We’ve recently got a 2 in 1 chalk board/white board with magnets and it’s a hit (with both of us). Some of you may have seen some of my hidden artistic talents I’ve uploaded on Instagram. Some days I really amaze myself.
  2. Take your time – it pretty much took all day. So clear your diary.
  3. Give the inquisitive child something from the kitchen that’s new to play with. Gravy strainer? Empty jar of ground cinnamon? Winners. 15 minutes piece and quiet right there.
  4. Choose an easy recipe. I did an all in one method, and just in a bowl with a wooden spoon, no mixer or faffing about needed. Although I’m slightly concerned about the lumps of dark muscavado sugar that appear not to have been as well mixed in as I thought. Oh well, extra crunch?
  5. If you’re a bit OCD like me, letting them ‘help’ lasts for about 2 minutes. Miss Belle tried to add the cinnamon jar to the mix, but that’s part of the ‘fun’ isn’t it?! **Actually shouted “no, don’t do that!” and suspended ‘helping’ stage.** 
  6. Stick to you guns. “No, babies can’t lick the bowl, there’s raw egg in there. Here, have a nice rice cake instead…” When World War 3 commences, stand firm.. ahem….

Ta Dah!! Here’s my Bramley Apple Crumble Cake, (minus the crumble topping which is going on tomorrow so as not to go soggy overnight).

Thank you!

You can find Susie at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  I highly recommend you all go and follow her.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of Baking with Children.  If anyone would like to take part please do not hesitate to contact me or fill out the contact form in my post Baking with Children and I will get back to you.



  1. oh I love susie and wow these look amazing – I think you may have dropped the wrong link on the linky hun as I had to find this page as the one you linked up apparently doesn’t exist!
    Thanks for linking to #foodiefriday

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