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South Wales is quickly becoming one of THE places to visit if you’re looking for a nice little weekend break. We’re not talking about a family break here, we’re talking about some time for the adults to take a break and have fun without the kids. So, send your children off to their grandparents from Friday – Sunday, and think about going to one of these great places in South Wales:

 3 Places To Visit In South Wales For A Weekend Getaway



You can’t talk about South Wales weekend getaways without mentioning Cardiff. It’s simply the best place to go in probably the whole of Wales. This city has undergone major changes in the last decade or so, and it’s now absolutely full of great things to do. You have the incredibly hip Cardiff Bay which is dotted with amazing bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. Not to mention the St Davids Spa, which offers a nice bit of relaxation and a great place to stay. Then, there’s the city centre, which is home to loads of luxury shops and the gorgeous Cardiff Castle grounds. It’s a city that looks amazing when the sun’s out, and there’s no shortage of big open parks to explore if you want a nice romantic walk too.

 3 Places To Visit In South Wales For A Weekend Getaway



Some of you may have heard of Chepstow purely because there’s quite a famous horse racing event there every year. Regardless, it’s one of the loveliest little places to spend a weekend in. It’s home to a magnificent castle, and a long winding river, giving you no shortage of beautiful things to walk by during your trip. What’s more, you could stay at the St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Chepstow if you’re looking for a proper luxury weekend getaway. You’ll have everything you need here, including a golf course and spa. It’s not the urbanest of places to visit, but I think that’s what makes it such a great place to be. This is one for any of the people keen to get some fresh air and go exploring for a weekend.

 3 Places To Visit In South Wales For A Weekend Getaway


Vale of Glamorgan

This is a bit of a cheat as the Vale of Glamorgan is a county, not a city. But, I’ve picked it because it contains a few beautiful little towns that you can really enjoy over the weekend. Firstly, the county is full of natural beauty, with some amazing country parks like Cosmeston Lakes – which is found near the small seaside town of Penarth. Speaking of Penarth, it’s home to the iconic Penarth Pier, which lets you see out all the way across the River Severn to neighbouring England. Then, you have Barry Island, which is one of the best beaches in South Wales, and a great place for a lengthy stroll. The good thing is, all the places I’ve just mentioned are within around an hour max of each other via car or public transport!


If there’s one word to describe South Wales it would be; beautiful. A lot is going on in this Welsh region, and these three places are all equally fantastic weekend getaway ideas.


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