5 of the Best Cartoons for Kids on Netflix

5 great cartoons for kids to watch available on Netflix

5 great cartoons for kids to watch available on Netflix

Ok, ok. I know not everyone likes to encourage screen time with their little ones. Realistically I should be discouraging so much of it in our house. There is far too much reliance on it by me and the girls. But lets be honest… It is the perfect baby sitter when us mums need to get our schizzle done! It is ok for you to admit it here. I won’t judge.

Anyone that knows me will know I have a real hate hate relationship with Peppa the effin’ Pig. I think she is a total waste of time and space, the ignorant, selfish, narcissistic brat. Phew, that feels better. So, simply put she is banned in our house. Would you believe every time we try and put her on it just doesn’t work! Life’s a bitch sometimes isn’t it?

That is why I thought I would compile the girls favourite cartoons that ‘do’ work on Netflix.

Justin Time

This is cartoon all about Justin and the adventures he goes on with his strange floating square friend called Squidgy. It is educational as they go and discover different parts of the world in each episode.

Squidgy helps keep it all very light hearted. The animation is simple in its appearance. I don’t want to take anything away from effort the animators put in, I simply mean that it isn’t so full of bright colours and details that distract and over tire the eyes.

Bubble Guppies

Bubble guppies is actually quite similar to Justin time in adventures, education and animation. The main difference is these cartoons are hosted by group of strange mermaid type guppies.

This also teaches the viewer about healthy food and has a very catchy lunchtime song which I often find myself singing.

Bo on the Go

I’m not sure what appeals to the girls with this one but they love it. Particularly Trixie. Again the animation is simple but this is very brightly coloured. This is all about exercise. The main character, Bo, asks you to help her complete tasks by joining her in the movements she does to give her energy.  Her dragon side kick is pretty cool but other than that I can see why only one season was made. The kids love it though.

My Little Pony

I remember this when I was little so I love that the girls like watching it. It isn’t exactly what I remember I have to say. Whilst I’m not sure this offers much in the way of educational benefit it is fun. Plus I do believe that even children need to relax and have down time and this is great for that. The stories aren’t too taxing on the brain power. If nothing else this has hugely fuelled the love for Unicorns in our house.

Ben and Holly

I suspect most parents of toddlers with be familiar with Ben and Holly. Personally I would like to throw Nanny Plum and Wise Old Elf out of a window but then there is the possibility that cartoons bring out an underlying anger issue in me. Other than those two this is a fairly innocuous cartoon. There is a small educational benefit to this but it does help with the girls imagination. I am more than happy for them to believe in fairies and elves for as long as they like.

So there they are, the top 5 cartoons for the girls. I would like the girls to watch less TV but at the same time doing the 5200 loads of laundry with 2 little helpers is far more stressful than just being able to get it done on my own.

Right time to go to the park to make me feel better.

5 great cartoons for kids to watch available on Netflix

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  1. Bubble guppies is one of my favorites to watch with kids. It has so many educational things and cover so many topics. I’m glad it’s on Netflix, my nieces are coming to visit in two months and I don’t have cable or basic television. I rely solely on Netflix and Amazon prime.

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