6 Spring Beauty Must Haves – Get Summer Ready

spring beauty must haves. Get summer ready. Find your inner glow and radiance with these recommended beauty products.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

*This post contains affiliate links but these are all products I use myself and genuinely recommend.

I’m sure it isn’t just me that is absolutely useless at looking after themselves during the winter. I do still shave but I often forget to moisturise until my skin resembles that of a snake. With central heating my hair gets really dry and in the interest of hiding my pale face I apply more make up than is probably necessary.

With summer around the corner the motivation to solves the dry spot, even skin tone and generally find that dewy glow is much greater. So here are the beauty products that I personally use to achieve that. I am no beautician. I do not have any training but I found most of these products through trial and error as well as word of mouth.

To give you an idea of my natural state of affairs I have long, thick, dark and very frizzy hair. Letting it dry naturally is not an option. My skin is a combination of oily and dry. I have a lot of red patches and suffer with spots which I link to my hormones as they appear at the same time every month. I have not solved this problem yet but I have reduced it.

Coconut Oil | Face

I use Vita Coco Coconut oil. Usually I buy the biggest pot I can find because I use it for cooking too. I have tried various oils over time but coconut oil is my favourite. You can use this for everything…. Honestly, literally everything! Personally I use it as a facial cleanser and moisturiser. It dissolves any excess make up off, it moisturises and it has done a lot to even my skin tone.

I know many people are very nervous about using oil on their face because they have oily skin. Well those are the people that really need to use this! The logic is that most of us have oily skin because we use so many harsh products that wash away our natural oils. To counteract this loss of oils our skin produces more of it. This causes excessively oily skin and more spots. By adding oil to the skin your pores don’t need to produce extra so you actually end up less oily. Make sense? In my case this has proven really true. I have gone from oily skin to normal/dry. As it also dissolves a lot of make up and dirt I also have less black heads and get so many less spots than ever before.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Cowshed Hand Cream | Hands

I have used this for years now and absolutely swear by it. It is very perfumed so it may not be for everyone. But this is the only thing that really helped my hands whilst it was being abused during my nursing career. There are a few scents I believe but I use the Cowshed Cow Herb (which I can’t find anymore) one for my hands.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Argan Oil | Hair

I use this for my hair. Many people use coconut oil for that too but I find this gives me the best results. After a good argan oil my hair is much smoother and really soft and shiny. From what I have read online it is to do with different hair types. Makes sense to me that there wouldn’t be a single solution to work for all hair types.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Korres Body Lotion | Body

This is my favourite body moisturiser of all time. I can’t remember how I came across it now but I haven’t looked back since. All of them smell nice but my favourite Korres is the Bergamot Pear (pictured). The lotion itself is really thick and creamy but it absorbs really quickly. Or it could just be that my skin is so dry is practically inhales it.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Lanolips Lip Aid | Lips

I first received this in a monthly subscription box. When I first had Ellie my mum used to come round to help and the first thing she did was use my Lanolin nipple cream for her lips. To be honest I used to think she was insane. Now I can see the amazing logic. This lemonade flavoured one is my favourite. It leaves my lips feeling so soft. It also has a glossy finish so it looks like I’m wearing lipstick when I’m actually not.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Babyfoot Treatment | Feet

Be prepared for a disgusting transformation with this one! Babyfoot is an intensive mask for your feet which makes them essentially shed their skin over a two week period. You are about to turn into a snake. I recommend having the hoover close by for 2 weeks!

I did a lot of reading about this before I used it. It seemed like such a strange thing for a product to do so I was quite nervous about trying it. Eventually I went for it because, quite frankly, my feet are disgusting and I figured I had little to loose other than a huge amount of skin. Over the years I have tried lots of things including intensive creams and an electric foot scrub. Although they have all worked their results have been slow and limited. My feet need something much stronger and this has done the job.

6 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Most beauty bloggers and online articles recommend that you soak your feet for at least 15 minutes before application. Follow the instructions on the box and make sure you rinse well. It is also recommended you leave it on longer than the hour the box says. I kept to the hour first time just to be safe but when I need to use it again I will probably leave it for longer. Then soak your feet every night for 2 weeks. Be patient it will happen. Your feet will transform before your eyes into something incredibly disgusting but by the end of it they will be soft and new, just like a baby’s. There was something incredibly satisfying about the shedding skin even though it was beyond gross. If anyone has a foot fetish this may put an end to it.

On a side not it smelt a lot nicer than I was expecting.

So there are my must have spring beauty products. Are there any you would have on your list? I’d love to know, I am always on the look out for products that actually live up to their claims.


spring beauty must haves. Get summer ready. Find your inner glow and radiance with these recommended beauty products.





  1. Great list! I’m a big fan of argan oil for hair treatment. I started using products with argan oil for my hair several months ago and it has completely transformed my hair. It is much healthier and softer feeling from using this great oil!

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