A Break Away

After a few weeks of general nervous and fractious energy caused by both Hubby and myself (bloody work related as normal) a last minute decision to have a few days away just the four of us turned out to be more vital than I thought.  The holiday doesn’t seem like much on paper. It was only a Centre Parcs, not too long of a journey from home. At first I really couldn’t be bothered with the hassle for four days away but I knew it was important to Hubby so I went with it. And I am so glad I did. We hired a couple of bikes and Hubby pulled the girls along in a trailer, which they both loved. So did we! We completely fell in love with cycling again, something I haven’t done for approximately 12 years. Although after 4 days of hills and miles after miles of cycling both our legs and bums are now glad the holiday is finished!


We went swimming every morning, by the third day Pinky even plucked up the courage to go down the flumes on our laps. She loved it so much that was all she wanted to do after that.

“Again. Again.”

In the afternoons we would go for a cycle whilst the girls napped in the trailer, then to the outdoor play area, find some ice cream….. the weather was amazing for the first time this year. Two of the afternoons the girls went to the kids club so Hubby and I could have some child free time.  We had grand plans of going to the spa, however on reflection we cancelled our appointments and decided instead to go a prat around in the swimming pool.  We haven’t fooled around like that together since I fell pregnant with Pinky.  We went round the water rapids again and again like we were in our teens! Plus the slides. I laughed so much I’m sure I pulled a stomach muscle.

Throughout our break away we all relaxed. It made me realise how important it is to remember to take time out every now and again.

Pinky started to come out of her shell and grow in confidence.  I have often worried at how timid she can be and in need of extra reassurance compared with her peers of the same age (thus breaking my own number one rule to never compare her against anyone else). But by the time we came home she was as outgoing and playful as most other three year olds. Not once did I hear her say ‘I can’t do that.’ Instead she would respond ‘Ok! That’s a good idea.’ if we suggested an activity.

Perky got more and more exhausted attempting (and failing) to keep up with her older sister. The plus side to that is the extra cuddles we both got.


The weekend has also been really warm and sunny so we all helped sort out the garden ready for the summer.  Planting the pots, mowing the lawn, getting the garden toys out and the obligatory first BBQ of the year.

This week of sunshine and family has regenerated us all. We all seem to have more energy, we have been sleeping better, despite the heat and we are all having fun. I get a small amount of respite as the girls don’t necessarily come to me immediately to have their needs met. They now appreciate that actually Daddy is able to strap them into the car, get them a drink reach, the toy that just rolled under the sofa.

Of course the working week has started again and by Friday Daddy’s capabilities will be long forgotten and I will again be expected to be there for every little whim. I love how much they need me, and I don’t doubt that I will miss these days when they are grown and fled the nest, but every now and again it is refreshing to not be needed. At least not all day.


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