A Letter to my Eldest

Dear Pinky,

How do I put you into words? You are such a complex little thing, so sensitive, so kind, so moody! You can flick from mood to mood without warning. You keep me on my toes daily. You challenge me the most, perhaps because you are the first to do everything as the eldest. I know I get cross and I am very sorry, you know exactly how to get me to react and I do it every time.

I am really going to miss you when you go to school. I know you don’t want to go but you will love it, you will make lots of friends, I have no doubt. You love to learn and I hope you never loose that, I will certainly do my best to keep your curiosity alive.

This past month you have started to come out of your shell a little more, it is lovely to watch. You are starting to voice your opinions to others outside of the family, which is a huge progression for you.


You still love to dance, I can’t think of a day where you haven’t danced at least once since you were about 4 months old and could first coordinate a wiggle to music. You are a real life princess, you only wear dresses and everything has to be pink and sparkly if it can be.

You are the most loving big sister to Perky. I know she drives you crazy and I know she does it on purpose but she loves you too. Watching the cuddles and kisses you give each other is heart melting. I hope you realise when she is uncertain about a situation she turns to you for help and reassurance not me, or Daddy. She idolises you and you have taught her everything you know. This I can say with absolute certainty because she is a mini version of you.

I hope you know how special you are to us, but no, you can’t have your own way all of the time. You are really good company, we have some of the best conversations.

I love the bones off you, always have and always will!

Mummy X

P.S I wish you would let me take your picture more often 😉


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