A Walk in the Woods

Having established this morning that Pinky didn’t want to do anything specific today (until Perky can talk she is subject to her sisters choices) I announced we needed to walk the dog at some point.  Pinky very excitedly shouted she would like to walk Peggy in the forrest.  We don’t actually have a forrest its just some woodland, this is Surrey after all, overcrowded suburbs with a bit of greenbelt left.  If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting this suggestion and couldn’t entirely be bothered to pack up the car to achieve something I could do by just walking around the neighbourhood, but I relented and thought I should just get on with it and I am really glad I did.

To set the scene of our normal dog walks, whether they are in the local neighbourhood or further a field, it is mayhem.  I don’t enjoy doing it with the girls in tow and neither does the dog.  Pinky insists on holding my hand whilst we walk which leaves me one hand to control a pushchair and a dog with the other.  This becomes even harder when we encounter other people as Peggy loves to say hello to the world and his wife as obviously everyone is out solely to see her!  This then becomes even harder if we encounter another dog because obviously all other dogs are out with the simple task of attacking the girls and Peggy must protect them at all costs!  I know this because on the rare occasion I do get to walk her on my own she is incredibly placid.

Today was different.  The sun was shining and as we were far from all roads Peggy was allowed off the lead.  Pinky was chatting away to me about what we are going to do over the coming bank holiday weekend (go up to London to see the Queen’s house) when we passed a couple with their dog. Now normally I try not to stop and chat for the reasons stated above…. crazy protective dog, hands more full than I can cope with.  But their dog totally ignored us and Peggy so things were a little calmer, plus they petted Peggy which she lapped up.  They asked Pinky if the stick she had found was a magic wand because this forrest was a magic forrest…. They told her if she looked closely she might even get to see some fairies.  Pinky isn’t good with strangers and doesn’t tend to interact with unfamiliar people, but this couple were totally unfazed and carried on talking gently to her before we all went our separate ways.

They absolutely made her day.  Her face completely lit up after they left and she wouldn’t stop talking about where the fairies might live and how, if we listen, we might hear some magic spells.

Sometimes in the daily grind of motherhood I forget to find the magic in the everyday so it was lovely that these two strangers, who we are never likely to see again, could have put just a little bit of magic into my daughters day.

Thank you strangers. You made a three year old very happy.

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