The A-Z of Marriage

I am enjoying writing these A-Z posts so here is one all about marriage and relationships. This one is less funny than the A-Z of Parenting and the A-Z of Toddlers as I felt it mostly deserved a serious approach. After 5 years of marriage I have decided to label myself an ‘expert’ (I am not!) and thought I would be the best person to write some of this.

A is for Agree. This is aimed at men (joking) it is simply best if you just agree with your partner and move on. Ok it really isn’t but it is important to agree on the big life decisions.

B is for Brownie Points. You want a night out with your friends. You want a couple of hours away from the kids…. Your brownie points had better be well in credit.

C is for Communication. It is vital to a happy marriage, without it arguments happen.

D is for Dinner. Pretty much the cause of all intramarital (not a word, it kept trying to change to extramarital) arguments.

E is for Equal. You need to treat each other as equals no matter what financial or emotional role each plays.

F is for Friendship. Some people say they aren’t really friends with their other half. Well I know my marriage wouldn’t last if we weren’t also best friends. Perhaps some people really don’t need this.

G is for Grateful. Be grateful for what you have, take a moment every now and again to appreciate it all.

H is for Humour. Having a sense of humour in general is so important. If you can share a sense of humour with your spouse and make each other laugh daily you are winning in my opinion.

I is for Independence. It is important to keep a little independence.

J is for Joint. Everything is joint. This can be a hard one to fully embrace and it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own interests or hobbies.

K is for Kiss. A simple, yet important sign of affection.

L is for Love. It has to be really doesn’t it?

M is for Mad. Your partner will drive you crazy at times, how could they not when you live with them?

N is for Normal. It doesn’t matter what your normal is as long as you are happy with it.

O is for Open. Be open to each other, allow the other to voice their concerns, wishes and anything else they feel important. Be open to change and grow together.

P is for Possessive. In a trusting relationship this behaviour has no place. Give each other the freedom they need.

Q is for Quality. You need to make sure you spend some quality time together doing something you both enjoy. This is especially important once/if children come along; those kids will tear you apart otherwise. On a side note don’t ever have a baby to ‘fuse’ a relationship together. Yes, you will be in each other’s lives forever but it is unlike to bring you closer together.

R is for Romance. Keep it alive as long as you can, it doesn’t have to be weekly, life gets in the way. But never forget the romance.

S is for Support. I know what you all thought this one was going to be… This isn’t that sort of blog 😉 Support each other in the decisions you make.

T is for Team. You are a team.

U is for Understanding. There will be times where sowing some understanding will go a long way.

V is for Victories. Sometimes the biggest victories are letting the other person win.

W is for Work. You have got to be prepared to work at it. No matter how close, compatible or in love you are, it will take work to keep the relationship going. Things will not always be a fairy tale.

X is for eXtra. Going the extra mile will win you those Brownie Points.

Y is for You. It is important to take some time for yourself but it also important to remember it isn’t all about ‘you’ anymore.

Z is for Zing. Make sure you keep the spice in your marriage on occasion. The extra effort will go a long way.

*Written in conjunction with Hubby. I had to stop him adding in the rude ones!

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    1. I’m pleased you liked it! I hoped it would relate to all relationships. Thank you for your kind comments, I certainly felt like a princess that day X

  1. Oh yes, Zing!!! I really enjoyed reading this post – so true on all counts. Is that your wedding gown? It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for linking with #bigpinklink

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