I’m Kirsty, a Mum to Ellie (5) and Trixie (3), blogging about our Eco Friendly, Foodie, Family Lifestyle.

On this blog you will find plenty of recipes from salads to cakes, as well on our latest tips to live a little more Eco friendly and tips to reduce household waste.

I run an email campaign with monthly tips on waste reduction and other eco tips designed for everyone to be able to achieve. My ethos is that a change is still a change, no matter how small. Because if we all made that one change then it would be huge.

On top of that I am completely Pinterest and Instagram obsessed and find them great places for inspiration. So don’t forget to follow us if you like pretty pictures and a daily pick me up.

Having lived in Surrey all of my life I can’t see us leaving any time soon. As itchy as my feet get I suspect they are more rooted than I care to admit. My personal story really starts when I met my now husband. After years and years of restaurant work I was finally ready to take the plunge into a different career. Nursing. To pay off some debts I took a temporary job in an office where a romance ensued. Cliché hey!? But after two weeks we were firmly each others and the rest, they say, is history. I went from a marriagephobe with no interest in children at all, to married with two beautiful children. I’d say no one was more shocked than me but actually I think the shocked title can go to my mother who had been convinced by my protests.

Now I am out of the baby haze I am starting to focus more on myself, my own goals and the impact we as a family have on our surroundings and the planet as a whole. This started my passion to reduce our waste and reignited my love of all homemade food. I have been a keen baker for many years but living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle goes so much deeper than just baking some bread.

So here is my journey as an average person with no prior cooking training doing my best to share what I learn and try along the way. Everything has been self taught from reading and trial and error. I read recipes as a hobby and over time I have become accustomed to spotting very easily things that won’t work or my family won’t like. So I like to do things my way. The way that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too.

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