April Book Reviews

Welcome back to my monthly book reviews. At the start of the year I set myself a challenge to read two books a month every month. So far I have actually managed to read four books a month and I couldn’t be prouder. I was a huge reader when I was younger, choosing to loose myself in new worlds and tales. As I got older, as studies got harder, as life got busier I lost that love for books. Or rather I misplaced it. That love of reading got buried under text books and swamped by sleepless nights and parenting. I feel so lucky to finally be able to rekindle that fire and discover new books and authors as I go.

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Sweetpea (CJ Skuse) 3*

The Last Person Who Called Me Sweet pea Ended Up Dead is a book written from the perspective of the murderer. Not just any murderer but a young female serial killer.

Rhiannon works as a journalist in her local newspaper by day. But by night she walks her dog and prowls for sex predators to kill. With the theory she is keeping the streets safe and that most people would thank her if they knew what she was doing and who she was targeting her rampage continues.

“I haven’t killed anyone for three years, and I thought that when it happened again I’d feel bad. Like an alcoholic taking a sip of whiskey. But no. Nothing.” 

I may have only given this three stars but mostly I did enjoy it. I can’t say I much liked the main character but I didn’t hate her either. Not until the end anyway. By the end she was out of control and I was longing for the killing spree to come to an end.

This book left me with quite a filthy feeling after I finished it. And maybe for that reason it deserves a higher rating. However, I am not sure I liked being made to feel that way.

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I Thought I Knew You (Penny Hancock) 3*

I Thought I Knew You is a thought provoking book about trust, teenage traumas and rape accusations. Written from the perspective of two mums and best friends; Holly the mother of Saul, accused of raping Saffie, daughter of Jules. Saul maintains his innocence, Saffie maintains his guilt. Who is telling the truth. Who do you trust the most? Your oldest friend or your child?

“The tweet leaves me shaken. The hatred in it.” 

This book was really good at highlighting a lot of the issues around consent in our world today. The need we have as a society to end victim blaming and the understand that the absence of a ‘No’ does not indicate consent. The author highlighted with great detail the torment of the family of the accused and the pain of the mother of the victim. How could each not know sooner, or suspect? What if it is all a lie.

I think in many ways this book may also deserve a higher rating than I have given it, for the unflinching tackling of such a tough subject. Much of my reason for only allowing it three stars is that some of the plot was slow, tedious and I felt my attention wavering. All in all the storyline was well rounded, tactfully written and emotive. Somehow is was an easy read despite the painful subject matter. A book where all the characters are relatable, understandable and believable. I would definitely recommend it for a different type of crime book.

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All Your Perfects (Colleen Hoover) 5*

I couldn’t resist reading another Colleen Hoover book. I have come to really enjoy her style of writing and how she builds her characters and storylines. This one is going to be the last one of hers I read for a little while though as it really got to me. I don’t cry easily. This book made me cry. Quite a lot.

In fact I even had a couple of days off reading it in the middle as I needed a moment to breathe before the emotional turmoil really got going.

“If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.” 

Everything about this was easy reading but that didn’t stop it from being hard hitting and gripping at all stages. I completely bought into the love affair and marriage of the main characters. The way in which life got painfully in their way. How they hid their feelings trying t protect one another but really just driving themselves further apart. Everything is so relatable. It was almost impossible not to be completely drawn in, consumed but it.

So despite how good this was I need an emotional rest. Back to my crime thrillers for now. But I will be back for more… Maybe in June.

Three Little Lies (Laura Marshall) 4*

Three Little Lies is a novel by the author of ‘Friend Request’. I have had that book on my reading list for a while but truthfully this one came up on a recommended Amazon list and it was on offer. I am so glad I didn’t pass this one by.

Three Little Lies follows the story of three teenage girls and how their lives intertwine. The lies told and the effects they have for years to come. But not all lies are known. Not all lies are obvious. Who is telling the truth and where will it lead you?

“Maybe that’s all we have to do, all we can do: face the truth of our lives with equanimity and grace.”

I was gripped by this story, following its twists and turns from the past and the present. The undercurrent of lies is obvious from the outset. But exact who is lying and about what remains unclear until right at the end.

A brilliantly written book that kept me guessing and longing to unravel the truth quicker. This was so close to a 5* book and the thing that lost it a star for me was that I felt like there was something missing, almost as if something had been edited out. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I do know that as much as I enjoyed this book I didn’t finish it feeling 100% satisfied. But pretty darn close.

April Book Reviews
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