Are You In Need Of Fresh Perspective?

Are You In Need Of Fresh Perspective?

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From time to time, we look around at the fixtures in our life, and we might think ‘why is it this way?’ Of course, all of us have things we cannot change. For example, we cannot change our height, or the color of our eyes. We cannot forcibly change our sense of humor without great effort. We all have our own idiosyncrasies, and sometimes they can evade us, and to willingly replace them can sometimes distort how we view ourselves.

But you can change your surrounding environment, if you have the freedom to. Granted, some ties are stronger than others. If you have a child, it’s doubtful you’re going to be okay with abandoning them to fulfill a dream abroad. If you did, most of us would consider that a questionable decision at best. But that doesn’t mean even with responsibilities, you cannot ever change your fresh perspective. Sometimes it’s just what you need to burst out of your current conditioning and enjoy a life with a little more joy and vitality to it. After all, a little care and consideration can often go a long, long way. Let us see how that might be applicable to you:


It can often be worthwhile to consider your surroundings and how they might have stagnated. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves with a purchased second-hand caravan on their driveway. Perhaps they intended to use it for a camping holiday at the coast. Perhaps they wish to give their children the keys should they wish to travel and live in a safe environment for a time. But, like many things, it’s easy for us to forget about this original intent. Perhaps the moss has started growing on the sidelines it’s been that long. When really, deciding to repurpose or renovate the equipment in question can help you enjoy it more appropriately, and finally refresh your perspective to that you hope to achieve.

Perhaps you have built a conservatory in your home, only to neglect finishing the renovation internally. Perhaps there’s a pond in your backyard that has gone unused for over ten years after you kept a few ducks. Repurposing this area might help you restore the natural beauty of your garden to its baseline.

We all have many small, hidden things like this around the house and in our lives that can be important to question from time to time. It might even be contacting a sibling you haven’t spoken to for some time.

Consider Your Relationships

From time to time we can find ourselves stuck in relationships that seem to cause us harm. Of course, it might be that you love your family unit, as it keeps you supported in every way. But it might be that someone you have been friends with since your son or daughter was in school, another parent you met in the playground during the morning bell, has since turned into a different person. Social, financial and societal pressures can shape us all, and sometimes it can shape our friends. It might be that heading for a coffee with them seems to be less of a mutual engagement and more a time where they can dump all of their issues and worries on you, without you having the chance to get a word in.

This highly specific example can demonstrate that sometimes, it might be that you’re stuck in the obligation of a relationship that you might not have felt great about for a few years even. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is evil to the core, or anything along those lines. People can just grow apart, and sometimes people can become less pleasant to hang out with. Forcing yourself to this obligation can be quite destructive to your personal and mental health, and having the power to distance yourself can often work wonders as far as this is concerned.

Remember, there are around 7.53 billion people in the world. Of course, not all of them are in your neighborhood or have any form of proximity to you. But that still leaves a sizeable chunk of people to potentially know, to become familiar with, and to appreciate. If you allow yourself that, you might just give yourself the tools to once again fall in love with friendship, and to seek healthier, more sustaining relationships. The difference can be night and day, particularly if you haven’t felt that in quite some time.


It can also be the case that even the most stable and comfortable of us might find a little boredom in our surroundings once in a while. Treading the same route to work each day, driving the same school run, heading to the same grocery store to pick up the same ingredients, watching the same television shows, eating dinner at the same time and retiring to bed at the same time might sound like a deeply boring schedule, but it depends on what you enjoy. The stability and routine of a family home can be one of the most emotionally nurturing places you can ever be.

But even when we pay our respect to this through understanding that fact, it can often be the case that we wish for a change. If you find that things are seemingly quite boring and you wish to try something new, or you feel as though you’ve never really settled, it might be worth considering something new. For example, viewing the HDB resale price when investing in property overseas might help you find an excellent holiday home to spend the summer in, or potentially move to. It could be that simply looking for a change of abode can help you avoid the degradation of your local area over the years, which can often happen as income averages change and the culture shifts in your area.

Of course, a permanent change in your surroundings isn’t something you should dive on without deep research or care for the final result. In fact, that might simply lead you to another area that demonstrates the same problems. But with a little attention, you might find yourself a paradise you can escape to now and then and take inspiration from, or even a place you can relax and enjoy.

Trying Something New

We have just explored ideas relating to being static, boxed-in, stagnant, and in need of renewal. We might think of this as something that requires a drastic solution. So far we have offered those. Investing in your belongings, tailoring your social output, and even moving or investing abroad have been offered as worthwhile solutions, and they are. But this advice would be incomplete if we didn’t suggest the smaller efforts you can take to truly revolutionize your life once more.

Chief among all of this? Trying something new, in terms of a hobby, activity, or new networked activity. Often, doing something you may not have considered can have the best impact. Let’s say you’re a young, professional woman. You’re in an office most of the day, and are making steady progress as you develop your skillset. But you wish for more physical activity. You might have played hockey as a teen, but those days are behind you. You consider the gym to be somewhat boring, and wish for a more social experience.

How about martial arts? Martial arts can help you come out of your shell, give you physical and mental discipline, connect you to like-minded individuals, and help you flourish. Having something like this can change your entire worldview. You needn’t try the cage-fighting options either. Something more peaceful such as Wing-Chun or various Eastern martial arts might help you gain more control over yourself. This philosophy can help you throughout your life, and become quite comforting to enjoy.

With these tips, you’re sure to lend fresh perspective to your personal life.

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