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Big Pink Link

100 linkies! Wow ladies thats amazing and I’m very proud to be part of the 100th.

How amazing has this week been in the uk? We have all been making the most of the sun and the garden has been well used. We even made it out for a Surrey Mummy meet up over at Claremont Gardens which was lovely. With a familiar face and a few friendly new ones it is nice to be able to talk to like minded women whilst the kids all play beautifully.

This week I am cohosting with the lovely Hannah from Just Hannah Jane.

My Wow’s

Last week my first wow is from View From The Beach Chair with Things Not To Say…. This post highlights all the things you really shouldn’t say to adoptive parents. I have heard some of these questions asked in the past and they always make me cringe. Adoptive parents are real parents and with each question comes an explanation as to why these may not be the best way to phrase your enquiries.

My second Wow is this recipe for Gluten Free Key Lime Pie from Laura of Musings of a Tired Mum. I am a huge believer that just because you need an ingredient conscious diet doesn’t mean you should compromise on taste or variety. Key lime pie is my all time favourite dessert and it never occurred to me before that the recipe I use is also gluten free. I was salivating reading this….

Louise’s Wow’s

My first Wow is for Tiger Mint with her very detailed and beautiful post about Zadar in Croatia. I’d never really thought about going there but now I really really want to visit there asap as it looks so beautiful!

My second Wow is very apt as I’m really feeling this at the moment, Mini Human Resources writes about Sleep Deprivation here!


Pink Pear Bear

Pink Pear Bear
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