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Happy Monday People,

How was your weekend? Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding? We did and we LOVED it. Wasn’t she just beautiful. Such understated elegance. Ellie had obviously been learning a bit about it at school so she was really excited to see all the key people and who they actually were. We live less than 10 miles away so it was very tempting to go and join the crowds but I decided I wanted a front seat view from the comfort of my living room and I’m so glad I did.

This week I am on with Laura from Five Little Doves.

The Linky

My Wow

My wow for this week is Happy With The Small Things by Morgan’s Milieu. This year I have been trying hard to increase my positivity and I have learnt to really appreciate the little things in life. All the little things that Morgan concentrates on really are the real essence of a happy life.

Lauras Wow

Having lived with mental illness for the last 22 years, I am a huge advocate for raising awareness of mental illness. I think Coronation Street should be commended for focusing on male mental health issues, even more so given that male suicide is the main cause of death amongst young men.

Pink Pear Bear

Pink Pear Bear
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