Big Pink Link | 25th June

Good morning Linkers.

Are we ready for the heatwave? I am not. I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like the summer heat. Born a winter baby I am much more comfortable with the cold and pretty much love Spring and Autumn. So if you follow me on social media be prepared for lots of heat moaning 😉

My Shop

Have you seen I have set up a shop? It is just an affiliate page basically so if you buy anything I earn commission. I did it to put all of the environmentally friendly and sustainable items I find and use all in one place so you can get them too if you want.

My Wow

This post by Kate all about the guilt of Home Education is a wonderfully honest post. I don’t think any of us trust ourselves and our decisions enough. The truth is we know our children better than anyone and we do know what is right. Trusting that instinct seems to be the hardest thing and then along comes the guilt to make it even harder!

Louise’s Wow

I loved this post by Boo Berrit and think all prospective Dads should be handed a copy and forced to read it! Massages and chocolate should be compulsory and knowing where the hospital bags are and having their own packed is such a good idea.

Pink Pear Bear

Pink Pear Bear
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