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Hey All!

I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to Louise for asking me to be a regular host for the Big Pink Link. As it is hosted by some of my favourite people it was hard to say no to such a kind request. I have guest hosted in the past but that feels like decades ago now so I hope I get it all right on my first proper week.

For anyone who doesn’t know who I am: I am Kirsty, Mama to two little girls, Ellie who is 5 and is just commencing her last term of her first ever school year. And Trixie who is 3 and is just commencing her first ever term at preschool. It is all change around here, as their lives change I feel my roll as a mother changing. It isn’t all doom and gloom of course, most of this is positive changes and with all of this in mind we have had one of the best Easter holidays ever. With 3 National Trust property visits, Clivenden House, Hatchlands Park and Ham House. We have been out to the skate park to practice on scooters, we have baked delicious doughnuts and we have even had an impromptu trip out on a train to see family and to make the most of the sunshine when it finally appeared.

Baked Doughnuts

My Blog

My blog is an eclectic mix of subjects from parenting, baking and general lifestyle. I am working on a larger series that covers the basics of Pinterest to get you started so stay tuned for that. I have already written How to Post to Pinterest. Next up is ow to create images.

Big Pink Link

Louise’s Wows

I am struggling to get hold of anyone else!! I’ve asked Laura If she can host with you. I’m not sure if she’s around so if not, I will! https://lifeloveanddirtydishes.com/love/rose-tinted-parenting/ My first Wow is for Claire who has put my recent thoughts into words and brought a lump to my throat. I too wear those rose tinted glasses.

My second Wow is for Nursery Whines for making me laugh with her Frozen parody covering potty training! https://nurserywhines.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/do-you-want-to-use-the-potty-a-toilet-training-parody/
Pink Pear Bear

Pink Pear Bear
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