Big Pink Link Week 58

Hi Everyone! Me again. I’m back for one last week hosting the Big Pink Link. I had such a lovely time last week reading everyones posts.

I have survived the first week of the Easter holidays. I know you were concerned there for a moment!

This weekend Hubby and I were meant to be having the most amazing date day/night up in London. It was all planned, babysitters booked (thanks MIL). Hotel room chosen, reservations made……. Wake up Thursday morning to a house full of CHICKEN POX! I should have known it was all too good to be true.

There are a few silver linings I am trying to cling onto through the disappointment of having our plans cancelled. Both Ellie and Trix have got it at the same time which means our quarantine won’t last any longer than it has too. They have both had it before they start school (I was worried about that but I am not sure why.) We have the perfect excuse to relax and watch Disney films all day long. And that is exactly what we have done. So far we have been mostly watching Sleeping Beauty and Moana. It could be worse, so for now I am just doing what I can to make this week pass quickly. Of course the amazing weather we have had hasn’t helped! We can’t even go out in the garden as we are having some work done on it…. I mean talk about timing!

Anyway, enough of our misfortunes….

Back to the Link up:

This weeks Wows…

This week Louise has chosen Do You Love the Lady Who Waxes Your Lady Garden. This post from My Rambling Thoughts made me laugh out loud. I felt like I was with her on her journey to find the perfect groomer for her lady garden plus she has an excellent gif game, and we all know that Lucy and I love a good gif off! 😀

Secondly Lou chose 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Blogging. She absolutely loved this post from the fabulous Rhyming with Wine. It is me to an absolute T! If you are a blogger, take the self assessment test to see if you too are addicted to blogging!

My wows for this week are 10 Things You Should Know What Living In France Has Taught Me About Food by Tooting Mama. I love French food and actually most things French. Paris is one of my favourite cities and much of that is because if the food. I have always admired the French attitude towards it so this post by Tooting Mama explaining the French way with food

My Second Wow is 5 Things I Like To Do Without Children from The Mummy Diaries. I am a huge advocate of spending a bit of time away from the kids. I think it does you wonders and helps you feel refreshed. It can be much easier to be the parent we want to be when we have had a little rest. I could hugely relate to all these things Michaela likes to do without her kids as they are all the things I like to do to.

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