Buying Shaving Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Buying Shaving Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, this year, it unfortunately coincides with the first day of lent! This might mean that your significant other is avoiding chocolate and/or alcohol — both classic and easy Valentine’s gifts. But not to worry; there are much more exciting and special presents out there, such as shaving gifts. Shaving products make fantastic presents as they’re practical, useful and offer that bit of luxury we expect on Valentine’s day. The English Shaving Company have the low down on how to pick a shaving gift for your partner this February.

Razors, Aftershaves and Gift Sets…

There are loads of different types of gifts available, so you can find the perfect one to suit your partner (and your budget!).

Buying Shaving Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Fancy Razors

A premium razor is a great present for most men (unless they have a beard!). Having a quality razor makes a massive difference to a shave, feels more comfortable and minimises shaving rash and related problems. There are loads of different razors out there, so it’s important that you consider what kind your partner usually uses.

Cartridge razors are one of the most common types as most men begin with these when they first start shaving. These include Gillette’s Mach3 and Fusion. If your partner uses this style of blade system, then you could buy him a high quality razor that not only looks more luxurious than the common plastic handled one, but feels a lot more superior when being used. (It’s only better for the environment as it lasts longer.) The Gillette blades fit into the razor, providing a greater level of control over his shave than with a lower quality tool. He’ll feel smoother (a win for you both!) and more satisfied with his shave.

There are also other types of razors available, which include a double edge safety razor. This style of razor is well known to give a better and closer shave than other options, but they take a bit of getting used to. We’d recommend you only get one for your partner if he already uses one, or if you know he’s looking to change the way he shaves. The best DE safety razor will be different for each person. If you’re buying one for the first time, get a closed comb style as these are the easiest to use. DE razors look a lot more fancy and deluxe than other types too, making them the perfect gift.


Aftershave makes a great Valentine’s present as it’s very useful, but is also a luxurious gift that a lot of men won’t spend much on for themselves. It has a reputation for solely being about scent, like men’s version of perfume, but it actually has a lot of other important qualities — for example, soothing and disinfecting the skin after the damaging effects of shaving.

Buying Shaving Gifts for Valentine’s Day

When choosing a quality aftershave, you should make sure that it does have disinfectant and soothing properties, which will be stated in the product description. The fragrance you choose will depend a lot on what your partner (and you!) like. Sandalwood is a classically masculine smell. Bergamont is a subtle and warm mix of floral and citrus. There are also options such as menthol, limes and more. Whatever your partner likes, they’ll be something to please him.

There’s a difference too between aftershave lotion and aftershave splash. While they are applied differently, the key distinction is the smell. Lotion is much more subtle and doesn’t last as long, while splash is stronger and will likely last throughout the day. It’s not a case of one is better than the other, but more about personal preference.

Aftershave, then, is not just a great present for Valentine’s day because it’s a luxurious item, but also because there’s so much choice; you can find the perfect one that suits your budget.

Buying Shaving Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Gift Sets

If you can’t decide what kind of shaving product to get for your partner, you can go the whole hog and treat him to a gift set! These are the ultimate presents as they provide everything he needs for a luxury shave. You can get different sized gift sets that include a mixture of things. For example, a shaving set can include a DE or cartridge razor, a stand and a shaving brush. Or you can opt for a lotion based set with shaving soap, aftershave and moisturiser. Or, if you’re really going all out this Valentine’s day, you could combine all of them!

Ready-put-together shaving sets are a great way to spoil your partner this Valentine’s day.

Buying Shaving Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Buying Razors for a Woman…?

While buying a shaving product for your female partner might seem a bit unorthodox, there are premium products that might suit! For example, a lady’s double edge safety razor is a much higher quality product than your wife or partner’s disposable razor. A DE razor creates a closer shave than is possible with disposables, so are much nicer to use, as well as looking very fancy! If you want to get your partner something a little different from chocolate and wine, this might be the perfect thing.

However, it’s clear that not every woman would necessarily want a razor for valentine’s day, but there are lots of other related presents she will appreciate. Luxury soaps, manicure sets or even a natural sponge can provide all the bits she needs for a proper pampering session.

If you want to spoil your partner with something a little different for Valentine’s day, then a shaving gift could be the perfect thing. What do you think? Would you or your husband want to receive a razor this February 14th?


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