#Cheerz – The Best Way to Print Your Photos

#cheerz - The Best Way to Print Your Photos. Photo prints, photo magnets, photo bookmarks

#cheerz - The Best Way to Print Your Photos. Photo prints, photo magnets, photo bookmarks

If you don’t know me you may not know about my Mamarazzi status. It is true, I can not deny it… Anywhere I am my camera is too. And if it isn’t to hand my phone is and unfortunately for my children I can take a very good photo with my iPhone. This isn’t even just a ‘blogger’ thing either, although I know we are famously bad for it. I have always been a photograph taker (i’m not sure I would refer to myself as a photographer, that take actual skill). The subject of my photos has changed over the years, no longer is it all nature, although I still love a flower photo, but I now have two daughters to capture. I have a whole family life I want to remember and document… And my word do I.

The Digital Age

For me one of the best things about this digital age that we find ourselves living in is the ease to capture amazing moments we would have previously had to resign to distant memory. We all have stories that start ‘Do you remember when…?’ but now those stories are becoming more and more supported by photos. I have a library of ‘Do you remember?’ for the girls growing up and as much as this may be a parent thing, I never get tired of looking at them. The only trouble is they are on my phone and computer. Locked away only for those that know my pass codes or those I send a photo to. There is something less and less personal about the ways we capture the things we love.

#cheerz - The Best Way to Print Your Photos. Photo prints, photo magnets, photo bookmarks


This is where Cheerz come in. Cheerz are an amazing company who print your photos for you. Not just your average prints either; they make Magnets, Square Frames and a Photo Box, to name just a few of their products. Their printed products bring your photos to life. They give them the heart beat that your memory has; the heartbeat that your SD card lacks. My children may never get to experience the excitement of going to the pharmacy to pick up your photos from an ISO 200 – 36 print camera roll. They may not feel the disappointment of opening the pack to learn that half the photos are blurred or sun damaged. But they can experience the excitement of feeling a printed photo for the first time. The tactile experience of the smooth finish. The heightened tones of their Mother (me): ‘Do NOT touch them with your greasy fingers!’

The products are even better than just a 6×4 print, there is amazing variety and gift inspiration for wedding and baby announcements.

The Prints

I initially chose 20 of my photos to get printed. It has been such a long time since I had any done I didn’t know where to start. The whole process of choosing was made so easy by the Cheerz website. If I changed my mind about one of my choices it was easily swapped for another photo. When they arrived, which only took a couple of days via Royal Mail, I was delighted with the quality of the print and the paper. The prints came with a lovely, thin, white boarder which accentuated the picture and made it stand out even more. As and added bonus they arrived with a a few strips of ‘negatives’ printed which made me smile. That was such a subtle yet effective touch.

#cheerz - The Best Way to Print Your Photos. Photo prints, photo magnets, photo bookmarks

The Strips

The next product I chose were the photo strips. These are strips of 5 photos of your choice. This time I used the app to see if it would be as easy to order. And it was! I was so impressed with how easy it was to be honest. Again, if I changed my mind on the photo selection it was easily swapped. Each photo was easily repositioned to ensure I had it in the right place so no heads were accidentally chopped off. At the bottom I could add my own little caption including emoji so I was extra happy! The quality was as good as the prints too so it was a ‘double whammy’ as Hubby says.

#cheerz - The Best Way to Print Your Photos. Photo prints, photo magnets, photo bookmarks

Get Your Own Prints

You can order your own prints on their WEBSITE and via their WEBSITE and GOOGLE PLAY apps.

#cheerz - The Best Way to Print Your Photos. Photo prints, photo magnets, photo bookmarks


  1. I used a similar company and got retro prints, where I could also add text to design my own party bags. I was so impressed I ordered another batch to put in her room. So she can see her family and who they are every day. #BigPinkLink

  2. I ADORE the photo strips!!!! Totally gorgeous, going to order some!! Also loved the reference to collecting printed photos, I remember well the excitement (and also the discarding of at least half due to giant finger obscuring!) #bigpinklink

  3. This is a lovely idea, I don’t really get my photos printed anymore since I just seem to take so many! I would have a really hard time choosing my favourite! #bigpinklink

  4. I use free prints every month with fail but I do like the strips and different products available from this place. So important to get pictures printed otherwise like you say, where do you start!?

  5. These look lovely! And as a big reader as well as always having my camera in my hand, the strips look like they’d make nice bookmarks too.

  6. I was literally just thinking that I need to print some photos instead of having them all virtual – then I read this! I love love love the strips, I know what I’ll be doing tonight! #bigpinklink

  7. I love looking through boxes of old photographs and reliving all the memories of my childhood and it makes me sad that my children won’t get that same experience. I really want to start printing out pictures again, it’s much more personal having it physically in your hand and not on a screen. These ones looks beautiful, I love the negatives touch and the photo strips a fantastic x

  8. I LOVE the strips! Gives the pics a kind of photo booth feel. I’m always going on about printing photos, and this has deffo inspired me to get off my bum and do it! #BigPinkLink

    1. It’s silly isn’t that we have all these memories in digital form but share such a small amount with family now x

  9. I love these strips! They are gorgeous, your photos are always so lovely! I am guilty of rarely printing my photos but I am trying to create a photo wall so I’m putting them all together at the moment! This website sounds great! #bigpinklink

  10. I totally agree with you – I have hundreds of photos but they’re all on my current phone, on my old phone, on the computer – so locked away that nobody ever looks at them. I actually decided that for the last 2 summer holidays I was going to make an album of all our photos and it’s so nice for the children to look at them. I am definitely going to try Cheerz as it sounds like a simple process as sometimes it seems so complicated on these websites. #bigpinklink

  11. These look absolutely fantastic! I love new ideas to print pictures, like you I have always taken photo after photo and I too have moved a little away from nature and my doggy and now it’s mainly the kids. Thanks for being my wonderful co-hostess this week. #bigpinklink xx

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