Christmas Planning….. So excited!

I’ve been very organised this year, I am usually a very organised person anyway but I like to leave Christmas to be slightly more spontaneous. We plan where we are spending Christmas Day, we set budgets and then I shop. No other limitations. This year however I have made a plan. We are going to the Grandwinnettes (Hubbys parents) for Christmas Day. My family all live too far away and don’t really have the space, not that I mind at all, my mother in law always knows how to throw a family party and for Christmas she brings out all the trimmings in abundance. I have written a Christmas wish list for both the girls. Pinky has had some input into hers as this is the first year she has started to grasp the concept of Santa and presents.
She has asked for

  1. A pushchair for her bunnies (soft toys not real ones yet!)
  2. Some sand (Santa is unlikey to oblige this one, hopefully she will forget)
  3. A Hoover because her old one is broken. It must be pink though! (Her words not mine)
  4. Some trousers for Perky (what a lucky little sister getting trousers from Santa)

Actually I was impressed she even thought of her sister….. Bless her!
The wish list has taken the fun out of it a little. I love looking around the toy shops and picking which ones I think will the girls will like the most. This year it will be mostly done online because it is just easier! I have given the list to family that have asked for it so they can chose which gifts they want to buy. It had to be done this way as last year I didn’t make a list. Pinky was the only child and grandchild on both sides of the family and she was totally spoiled! We certainly didn’t need to have spent any money…. We had to have a serious clear out of old toys, and we still didn’t really have the space for everything she got. I really don’t want the same thing to happen again so I have chosen things that will fit in our house without having to build an extension just to fit in the toys. I’m not joking it really felt like that last year! Plus she was just so overwhelmed by it all, I would like to limit that a little bit this year.
To inject some more fun into the planning for myself I decided to make the girls a Christmas Eve box. Being huge Disney fans, well me and Pinky at least, I bought them both personalised Minnie Mouse stockings to hang up over the fireplace before they go to bed. They each have Minnie Mouse pyjamas to wear, Pinky also has some slippers, and a little Disney soft toy. Pinky is getting Lady and Perky has Pluto. The box gifts are the only actual shopping I’ve done so far, I really can’t resist Disney. Plus I know this will help Hubby… At least Santa won’t get credit for the box.
Secondly for my fun, I have planned dessert for Christmas Day. I try to do it every year, I hope it takes some of the strain off my mother in law, but either way I enjoy doing it. I try to think of new things for me to bake and experiment with. This year I have decided on Raspberry Ripple Marshmallow Brownies, Billionaire Shortbread and Lime Surprise Brownie. Brownie is the recurring theme mostly because I make a brilliant brownie (even if I do say so myself) and the in laws love them…. Why rock the boat?
The final fun thing before Christmas is a two night stay to Vienna this weekend. Just me and Hubby from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. I can’t wait! I’m actually really nervous about leaving the girls for that long as I haven’t done yet. They have both have over night sleep overs, days away etc…. But not 2 nights, me in a foreign country. My Mum is coming back from Wales to look after them for us. I think she is more excited than we are. I know they will be fine, Mum raised four of us with no problem. But you know what it’s like…. Mummy guilt kicks in, especially now that Perky has a stinking cold this week, not that she seems to care, she is still her cute cheeky self, so maybe I should worry less and have fun. A WHOLE WEEKEND AWAY!!!!!
I plan on drinking my own body weight in mulled wine across the weekend as it is one of my favourite things about Christmas. We are going to explore as much of the Christmas markets as we can, no pushchair, no toddler. It is going to be so much fun finding quirky little gifts for the girls. We do secret Santa with the in laws and this year we got two easy family members to buy for, hopefully I will find their presents there, something unique. Also we are waiting until we get back to put up the decorations so I’m hoping to find some cute stuff to add to our current collection.

I go a little Christmas crazy… I always have. Hubby may need to reign me in this weekend 🤗

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