Confessions of a Pinterest Mum

I am a Pinterest Mum. Here are my confessions in between all the cooking, baking, sewing and organising a household.

All of us mums are a little different. This is not a reflection on us as mums but us as people. None of us can be the same and that is ok. Throughout the history of time we have had labels assigned to us; posh mum, chav mum, organised mum, messy mum, earth mum. Some of these labels we may wear with pride and others we may want to discard or ignore. With the revolution of the internet there are now a new wave of labels. One of which is ‘Pinterest Mum’.  I am a Pinterest Mum.

This is a label I have been trying to deny from myself for a couple of years. Firstly, I am not a huge fan of labels but mostly it was due to the ‘perfect’ misconceptions that go with that title. I am very conscious that not all mums can bake and whilst this may not really bother or upset most of my fellow comrades in babes it can leave others feeling inadequate. Although as I have said before this may relate to a few deeper issues.

Either way I thought I would clear up a few misconceptions of a Pinterest Mum (I hope fellow Pinners don’t mind).

Confessions of a Pinterest Mum


Yes it is true, I love to bake. And I am pretty darn good at it. My cakes and biscuits are the envy of my friends. If anyone needs a birthday cake for their little darling then the chances are we (me and fellow pinners) have either been asked to make it or to offer advice on how to make it. The truth is that even my cakes go wrong. Even when I have made a sponge 100 times over it can, and does, sink in the middle. This drives me insane. Honestly, I get an eye twitch and everything. The mood in the house becomes as sunken as the aforementioned sponge when this happens.

I am a Pinterest Mum. Here are my confessions in between all the cooking, baking, sewing and organising a household.


I are good at cooking. I make my own sauces, jams and chutneys. My salads are more exciting than just lettuce, tomato and cucumber and my kids eat what myself and my husband eats. Admittedly I am not a huge fan of cooking, it is more of a necessary evil, but I am good at it. The truth is this has taken a long time to get to this point. For years Hubby cooked because I hated it so much. It was only when I quit work that it became really unfair for him to be at work all day and then also do the cooking. Very 1950’s I know. And yes Ellie and Trixie will eat what we eat now, but that has also taken years to achieve. Well 3/4 to be exact. It has taken a huge dose of stubbornness and bravery on my part to ignore the evenings when they refuse their dinner. Even now there will be a couple of nights a week that I have to turn a deaf ear to the screaming mum guilt telling me I’m the worst mum ever for making them something they won’t eat (even thought they ate it last week!) I have to ignore the feeling of rejection that surfaces when something you have spend time and energy over is snarled at and pushed away.

I am a Pinterest Mum. Here are my confessions in between all the cooking, baking, sewing and organising a household.


I am super organised. I always have been. Everything in my life is digital now but I still get a little giddy over new stationary and a good planner. We have a family calendar set up on our phones so if there is something important both myself and Hubby need to know about it gets put in there. My family always joked that my wedding ran with military precision. It did! There is a ‘however’ coming and this is something I have only realised very recently. Sometimes I ‘forget’ to put things in my diary. I say ‘forget’ because I honestly thought I did forget, however recently I have realised I don’t forget, I deliberately ignore. If I say yes to something, or an event is coming up that I cannot get out of but don’t really want to do then I won’t put it in my diary. I guess I’m hoping if it isn’t in there it won’t really happen. So there you go. If someone plans something with me but I don’t put it in my diary I don’t actually want to do it.


I can sew. I don’t know why it is just something I can do. Not that I enjoy it in any way but at least the girls name labels should stay in their school uniforms for longer than a week. Also I don’t actually own a sewing machine but I do know how to use one.


This won’t be a surprise to many but I am good at hair. There isn’t a braid yet I haven’t mastered and I can do them on both myself and Ellie (Trixie is still a little young). But that isn’t a natural talent. I have worked hard at that and have practiced a lot. Some days spending 30 minutes playing with my hair is just the down time I need from parenthood.

I am a Pinterest Mum. Here are my confessions in between all the cooking, baking, sewing and organising a household.

The Kids

Sorry but my children are always well dressed and tidy looking. Much of this is a reflection of my mental capacity, or lack of it, for disorder. I can’t cope with any type of mess. One toy out of place can send me into a rage so a little ketchup on a cheek is unbearable. Obviously it isn’t going to cause any harm. I just don’t want it there!

Interior Design

I am very house proud. I do what I can. Instead of buying all new furniture I have up cycled items we already have. And yes, our living room is full of copper. We even have a picture gallery up the stairs. I have no ‘however’ this time. I’m not even sorry for this one.

I am a Pinterest Mum. Here are my confessions in between all the cooking, baking, sewing and organising a household.


I do crafts with my daughters. We have all sat together and make pinecones for Christmas decorations. I’ll be quick with this ‘however’. However I hate crafts!! Honestly, I try my best to think of anything else to do. The smell of the kids paints makes me feel so sick. The only plus side is coving your hand in PVA glue to pull it all off again!

The Real Truth

The real truth about me, a Pinterest Mum, is that I am no different from anyone else. My kids drive me crazy and make me want to lock myself away somewhere. They fight and scream. They can be rude and obnoxious, especially towards me. Our days are long and our years are short. I have aged and become wearisome. Through it all I am simply trying to be the best mum I can be whilst trying to retain a little of the woman I knew before kids. A woman not the same but evolved. If the other stuff makes me a Pinterest Mum, then I am her! And I am proud to be one.

I am a Pinterest Mum. Here are my confessions in between all the cooking, baking, sewing and organising a household.

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  1. I love this post! Good for you for being a Pinterest mom!!! I’ve had it said to me in a derogatory manor. Well, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to try my best and put my best self out there!

  2. Oh Kirsty I love this so much! I agree in that I’m also not a big fan of labels, but I find all too often that we sometimes try to shy away from or brush off the things that make us who we are. When you become a mum suddenly all of the things that you were before become almost a stick to beat you with, but this post perfectly sums up why that should most definitely not be the case! Love it xx

  3. I am definitely not this. I couldn’t be for about a minute because I am also lucky to be good at most things I try. I am also an ENFP so I would lose interest too quickly to do it all at once. Kiddos and your blog looks intriguing.

  4. So glad I stumbled across your website through #bigpinklink. Loving your pix and your braiding looks amazing, will be checking out your Pinterest next. Great post x

  5. I have just started on Pinterest (well I will do when they can confirm my website GGrrr). Its no wonder you take this label, your photos and website are candy to the eyes!

  6. Ok so I want to come round yours for dinner and then a party so I get to try the food and then the cake, I also want you to do my hair and show me how to sew up the holes in my socks. The photos look amazing!! I only found out what Pinterest was about 6 months ago, (actually thats a lie I found out what it was called, Im still not sure what it is) Please can you be my friend and help me make my childrens outfits for World book day and the like?? 🙂 xx #bigpinklink

    1. HAHA! I love this comment! Yep I could probably do all those things. Sometimes my biggest issue is motivation 😉 X

  7. I’m a fellow Pinterest Mom from Vancouver Canada and I’ve never been ashamed to admit it. It’s my escape from mommyhood and gives me a chance to try something new that I want to do (not what my munchkins want to do). I wrote a post on my blog why I’m love being a Pinterest mom. I’d love to get your comments on it as a fellow pinterest mom if you have a chance?

  8. can I get an AMEN! the amount of times i have had people be rude or take the piss because I like to bake and things. Grrrrr. It is what it is but we can’t help it if we like to dabble in these things, even if we do have a few failures. Love you Kirsty!!! And that cake is As is your hair!!!!! Oh, and I have a copper fetish too! My kitchen is full of it! We are twins. Thanks for joining #bigpinklink x

    1. Ah I knew you could relate. I really want to fill my kitchen with copper but every time I mention it I get the ‘Danger Glance’ from Hubby. I like to think he is telling me to “Go ahead darling, fill your life with everything you want.” But I think he is actually saying “Don’t even f**king think about it. Literally nothing in our kitchen needs replacing and we DO NOT need to spend £5 on a heart shaped cookie cutter!” That Danger Glance is such a kill joy.
      And yes we are twins! There is just no doubt in my mind x

    1. I have always considered you a fellow Pinterest Mum. Especially with all your crochet and make up. You always look so glam! X

  9. ha ha get you you pinterest mum! love it! Love how you balance it – guess we all have a little bit of pinterest in us from time to time but real life does prevail some days for sure! You are most certainly winning though! #fortheloveofBLOG

  10. What an honest post – you should never be ashamed of what you are and it takes all shapes and sizes and personalities to make the world go round. I wish I had your interest in baking and amazing skill at it, as my kids would love to do more but I am just not into it. And I’ve had a hair braiding book sitting around since Christmas which I’ve looked at once, but it looked too complicated. But we’re all different and I love that you are a Pinterest mum and proud to be one. #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Thanks lovely! I think it is perfectly ok not to like baking very much. We can’t all be the same, life would be so boring. Braids look far more complicated than they are, I guess they just take a little practise. That is something I am will to practise at but I can 100% see why others would consider that a total waste of time. X

  11. I am definitely not a Pinterest mum but love the fact you are but having met you know I know that you are very real and also very lovely too! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub hon xoxo

    1. I think you have a little more Pinterest in you than you think. You seem very organised! I think I am coming to terms with the fact that I am one though. I am going to try and embrace it rather than fight against it. x

  12. Ohhh I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. I LOVE so many things on there and get loads of inspiration but HATE the fact that I now need a lottery win to fund it all!!! 🙂 Some days I’m a ‘Pinterest Mum’ kind of mood but today I’m in a’ big warm cardi and frozen pizza for dinner’ Mum 🙂

    1. I love the warm cardi, pizza for dinner days! I agree about needing to win the lottery for it all!!! I can dream 😉

  13. I loved reading this, and I don’t really know how you have time to do it all, and blog?! Super woman. Your hair looks fab (by the way), I wish that I could do something like that. And, I really need to spend more time on Pinterest too. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  14. I love this! There seems to be some kind of shame in being a Pinterest Mum at the moment with an influx of “slummy mummy” blogs (a term I also hate!) and yet having beautiful things and being talented doesn’t make you any different from the rest of us. I have to say, I am NOT a pinterest Mum, not through want of trying, and I admire those who are! Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

    1. Yes! Exactly this! I get the Slummy Mummy thing and really appreciate it because these people help me feel less bad for putting the TV on and opening the wine after a bad day! But I am not really able to kick back and relax if the house is a mess. This is my hang up! To be honest it is a bit of a fault or a vice but that is me. I think I am going to wear my Pinterest Mum status with pride from now on x

  15. Love this and can really relate. I wrote a similar post a few months ago about being perceived as a “pinterest perfect mum”. It doesn’t mean that life is easy and that you get things right all the time. It just means that you have interests that are popular on pinterest. The hair braids & cake & cooking & house all look AMAZING! #sharingthebloglove

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you could relate. It is so hard when your efforts are seen in a derogatory way. I want to have a nice house and hair etc… It makes me happy. That doesn’t mean I expect everyone to live by my standards. Thank you for reading X

  16. You should totally wear that title with pride. I would love to be able to do all these things but we all have different strengths and interests and quirks to our personality and that’s what makes life interesting x

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