Creating A Work Space In Our Home

As more and more parents are choosing to home school their children, here is why I am glad we didn't choose to homeschool our children. As they settle in and thrive at school and in an education setting I know I made the right choice for my kids.

When babies come into our lives everything changes. This is something we are all told but it is something we struggle to quantify until we actually have to love through it. One of the changes I wasn’t expecting was how much of a house their stuff takes over. For the past 4 years our house has looked more like a creche than a home. We are lucky enough to have a very large living room which meant we could have a joint living/dining room and convert the dining room into a playroom. From a layout or floor plan perspective that has made a lot of sense over the last few years. With the playroom being adjoined to the kitchen and since I have been able to isolate it from the rest of the house I have been able to look after the girls and actually cook dinner at the same time. Now they are both a bit older the need for the playroom is finally diminishing and finally I can put the dining room back to how it should be. This also means I am now creating a work space in our home where the dining table once was.

Why a work space?

There are probably a lot of things I could do with this space in the living room. Up until now I haven’t really needed a specific work space; sitting at the dining table in the living room has been fine. However my work load is increasing and I need a place to really concentrate and get involved. Hubby already works from home in the office and whilst there is a space for me to go and work alongside him when Trix finally starts nursery (not until September) but on the days she is home I need to be in the same room as her.

The Desk

I have an idea in my head for the whole house that I have been working towards for a few years now. Everywhere is going to be monochrome and each room will have a specific colour. All of our wooden furniture is white so when I found this white wooden desk on Lions Home I got really excited because it exactly the sort of thing I am looking for and well within my budget for this project.

Aingoo Home Office Table Computer Workstation Wooden

Desk Chair

Obviously I need a snazzy new chair to go with my snazzy new desk! (I do Hubby, I really do). Realistically I would like a swivel chair simply because I have wanted one since I was little, however that isn’t very practical as I would never get my daughters off it. Fortunately I have found the most beautiful desk chair that doesn’t swivel so I will soon get over it.

Tonon Structure Steel Chair


As this work space will be within the living room the accessories with need to match the colour scheme. In this instance it is going to be blush pink. I have been looking for lots of inspiration on Pinterest lately and I have found some beautiful blush pink and copper items for a work space. This beautiful cushion would be perfect for making the desk chair extra comfortable.

For all my pens I have found THIS rose pen pot holder. This is possibly the prettiest pen pot I have ever seen.

I already have suitable copper accessories thanks to my long standing copper obsession and the perfect little indoor plant that so far has survived my neglect.

The Rest of the Room

In order to keep things very simple I am trying not to clutter any spaces too much. The sofas will be a grey colour and I have 2 side tray tables on order that are a blush pink in colour. The curtains will also be a blush pink.

With white walls and all picture frames black my monochrome dreams are slowly becoming a reality.

This is written in cooperation with Lions Home.

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