Dear Perky

Dear Perks,

You little monkey! I could just eat you, you are so cute! Your personality is growing by the day. You are funny, you are strong willed, you are grumpy but you are kind. You wind up your sister constantly and I know you do it on purpose. I’ve seen that look in your eyes!

You give the best cuddles and are so affectionate. I love that you will sit and snuggle for ages and just not move. You suck your thumb (sorry about that, that’s my fault) but you are relying on it less these days. Please don’t loose your sense of humour, I love that you make us all laugh daily. You have biggest, most infectious smile.


You are a little singer. At every opportunity you sing, you even ask for more drink whilst singing! (You aren’t even 2 yet!).

You eat absolutely everything as long as it has lots of flavour, curry is your favourite meal. But you are starting to get a little fussy. I hope you snap out of it.

I know you miss your sister when she goes off to pre-school but I think we have fun. Soon she will go off to school and we will have even more time together. We are both going to miss her but I hope we can make the most of it. She had all that time just her and me but I think you get the better deal. You have always had to share me but when she goes off you will be 2 ½, you will be able to appreciate what we do, when we go for coffee you will be able to have cake and not just sleep in the pushchair. When I try and think of fun things to do just the two of us you will be able to give me ideas. I always felt guilty that you never had me to yourself but now I don’t. You definitely have the best of me. You have an experienced me, a less tired me (as long as you sleep at night), you have a more relaxed me.


There are things I would change if I could but what is the point on dwelling on things outside of our control. I’m sorry if we go to the park too much but it is close, free and you seem to enjoy it. I’m sorry if I get cross when you and your sister fight, it simply drives me crazy. I’m sorry you don’t have any of your own friends but rather the siblings of your sister’s friends. I’m sorry you don’t go to nursery, I know you would really enjoy it. I’m sorry we do everything your sister wants to do, you will get a choice soon.

I know these are little things and you will never remember them anyway. I hope one day I can forget too.

I love you with every fibre of my being. Please don’t ever stop giving me those cuddles.

Mummy X


This post originally appeared on Meet Other Mums where I am a regular blogger.

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