Dear Santa | A Letter From a Tired Mum

Dear Santa | A letter from a tired mum

Dear Santa,

I know it is nearly time for you to set off in your sleigh and deliver all the magical gifts to the sleeping children. The excitement this year seems more electric than usual. That may be because Ellie really understands it all this year.

We are all eagerly awaiting Christmas Eve. We will be sat tracking you across the globe as our own bedtime approaches. I don’t doubt that we will all wake a few times in the night and strain our ears to hear any hint of reindeer hooves on rooftops or jingle bells in the distance.

I don’t usually write to you myself. Understandably I save it for the kids as my magic passed many years ago. But this year I feel the need to write you a letter.

Dear Santa | A letter from a tired mum

I have been good this year. In fact this has probably been my best year for a long time. I am tired but now it is toddler tired and not baby tired. For me that is a bit easier to cope with. Granted I have lost my temper more times than I can count (I’m sure you have the total tallied up somewhere) but I have tried very hard to only loose it when really necessary. My patience has greatly improved although some weeks it doesn’t feel like it but I’m trying to look at the bigger picture.

The school run was such a shock to the system but I have embraced it and I even made friends which wasn’t something I thought would happen very easily.

This year I have tried to help my girls develop, I have given them as much of me as I could. So now we get to the point of my letter. What I hope for now I have tried to improve myself this past year.

I am the first to admit I am a very material person. I like my designer shoes and of course I would like lots more. There is plenty of things on my material gift list that I would be thrilled to get. The Olympus Pen camera I have been drooling over for months; the blog planner I dream of owning. In years gone by I have been truly spoilt with gifts.

Some years I honestly believe I have been the luckiest person in the world at Christmas. My dream replacement engagement ring because I lost the original one three weeks before the wedding (what a prize prat!); Adobe Photoshop because Hubby supports my surprisingly time consuming hobbies; brand new rose gold GHD straighteners because my original ones were old (and a potential fire hazard, lets be honest).

Dear Santa | A letter from a tired mum

But this year I don’t want anything ‘material’ for myself. All I want is time. Ok, so I know that time is probably the most valuable thing in the world and I get that I am asking for a huge favour here but that is all I want. Time.

I want time to myself. All by myself. I was always happy in my own company and now I don’t get any time to be by myself, to gather my thoughts and to complete what I am thinking about. Ellie may be at school and Hubby at work but I have Trixie with me 24/7. Whilst I love my children with all my heart, all that patience I have been building up this year, all that time I have spent giving myself to my children as much as I can is soon going to mean very little because I can feel it diminishing. Truly. I can genuinely feel it escaping from my chest with each minute that passes. I am constantly interrupted; constantly being asked for something; constantly being whinged at.

I know I can not be the best version of me if I don’t get the gift of time. Some may say I should ask for time to go slower. To be able to enjoy the children whilst they are young for a little longer. And perhaps I should. But I am not a huge believer in miracles and in my opinion that happing would be a miracle. Plus I don’t dread them growing older, in fact the idea of what the future may hold for us is exciting. So instead I am simply asking for a gift of time I think you can deliver. I want the chance to be by myself on a semi regular basis. An hour or so here and there. Maybe once a month to have a morning, or afternoon, on my lonesome. Not a sudden surprise of time, but a planned rest. Something I can spend all week looking forward to. Something to aim for.

Dear Santa | A letter from a tired mum

I understand that some people would do anything for some company, and I hope they can get that for Christmas. I am also aware that you should be very careful what you wish for. But I have spent a long time thinking about this and I am quite sure that all I really want for Christmas this year is time. Time to be by myself. Just for a little while. Time to miss the voices of my children and to crave a cuddle again rather than constantly feeling touched out.

I am being careful with what I am wishing for because this wish will help give my children and husband everything they wish for. Me. The best version of Me.


  1. Great letter and I completely understand. We have recently moved house which has given me an office. I’ve noticed such a change in me since I got my own space, like I have space to be an adult again.

    1. Oh I am a little envious. I think a little adult space would help. I have tried to have a little revamp of the house… but all they toys 😉

  2. What a lovely letter, I have not written to the big man in forever. I hope you get the time you need to recharge, I on the other hand is hoping for some company though I love my parents I am in need of a different kind of company

  3. What a beautifully written article and I agree that having the gift of time is so precious to have. After all we have such a short amount of time on earth so its important that we make the most of it x

  4. I could have written this letter myself! My little girl is at school now but I still have my little boy with me nonstop and even when they are in bed I have my teen to entertain. I would love a day off just to have peace and relax x

  5. I remember how desperate I was for time to myself when mine were all little. It gets easier when they’re all in school and suddenly you have whole days to yourself to do what you want, instead of what you HAVE to do. 🙂

    1. This is what I am hoping. I feel bad wishing away the time or not enjoying it as much as I ‘should’ but it is seriously exhausting some days x

  6. Oh I’m with you on this one! Do you think he can stretch to this for me too?! I think we are always last aren’t we, unfortunately. Unless you are one of the very few people I know who have a lot of help from family. Fingers crossed you get your Christmas wish! xx #ThursdayTeam

    1. Yes we are always last, and sadly any family help we did have is currently greatly reduced. Not that I mind, it is understandable but I can seriously feel my need for some Me Time getting critical x

  7. It’s so true that we only appreciate what we don’t have! I felt just like you for years but my four kids are all at school now until 3 so my mornings are free, and yet I’d still like some peace and quiet in the evenings and I find school holidays a nightmare because I’m not used to them all being around all the time!! I often think the thing I need more of is contentment, and patience! I hope you get your Christmas wishes this year. 🙂 #ThursdayTeam

    1. You may well be right there with contentment and patience. I know I will struggle during the holidays once they are both at school and I do feel very bad wishing some of the time away, I guess I have just hit a bit of a wall of exhaustion and need to get over it. Here’s hoping Xx

  8. Great post and I completely understand! I shared a post on Instagram this morning asking Santa for more time but that’s because I’m working g full time and hour away from home so never have time to achieve anything!! I guess as mums there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Hope Santa brings you a little pamper time for you to relax #thursdayteam ❤️ xxx

    1. Thanks hun, I hope you get more time too. That is a serious commute. I think we live in such a fast paced world it is hard to remember it is ok to just be and not always achieve. But then life would be dull and I would have nothing to blog about 😉 X

  9. Love love love this post Kirsty. So agree with you – sometimes all a mum wants is some quiet time to clear her head and just be. Some alone time. Some time to blog. Some time to sleep-in. And ironically when she does get it, the wretched mom-guilt kicks in! Aaaaargh!

  10. Its funny how your wishes and desires change over the years. I’m now content with spoiling the children and instead having the odd day of ‘me’ time instead of lavish gifts! Love your snowy blog, and would love to know you achieved this clever trick? #thursdayteam

    1. Hey sorry for being so slow to reply to this. I took time off the blog over Christmas and have inly just logged back on. The snow was an option with my theme for Christmas. I found a tick box randomly somewhere as I was making some updates x

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