Eco Friendly Changes: It is the little things that count

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so it will not have escaped your notice that scientists are getting increasingly concerned with the rate at which we are approaching the Climate Warming point of no return. Quite frankly I am concerned too. Britain has always been a seasonal country, with the occasional week long heat wave in the summer and snow fall in the south has been sporadic at best. But the last few years that has not been the case. The summers are getting hotter, noticeably. And the amount of snow we get in the south now is huge. Ok, so not Canada huge, but South UK huge. Whilst some of these effects are enjoyable on the surface, the overall cause of them is incredibly alarming. Scientists have been saying for a long time that we need to make Eco Friendly Changes. Not tomorrow, now. Some people are saying it is too late, others are saying we’ll be ok if we start changing now and others are telling us to panic.

Eco Friendly Changes: It is the little things that count

Don’t Panic, Just Do

I am in the panic category…. Sort of. Let me explain. Yes, we need to make immediate changes. Yes things have been going on for too long with no action and we are 100% running out of time to rectify it. So yes we should be panicking. But I don’t want YOU to panic. Panic is not productive, quite the opposite in fact. Anyone who has any form of emergency training, be it medical or otherwise, will tell you that in the face of a crisis you must remain calm. So I don’t want you to panic. I want you to remain calm, take a deep breath and spend some time thinking about the small and simple, mindful changes you and your family can reasonably make. And then do it. Not tomorrow. Today.

The people I want to panic are the politicians and policy makers. The big corporations and establishments that provide us with services and amenities. As a consumer we can make huge changes, we can influence the decisions these people and companies make. But there is only so much we can do from the outside. So I want those on the inside to panic. And panic loudly! Because if most of them are panicking then there will be at least one calm person who will take a breath and make the change needed.

Eco Friendly Changes: It is the little things that count


It concerns me to look around and listen to conversations in cafes and supermarkets and other places great for listening in. You see posts on social media and in the news about our rights. The rights of our children to feel safe, the rights to have clean water. Our rights for clean air and congestion charges in cities to help counter this. Our right to free speech and to be heard. Human rights have become the forefront of so many arguments that they have skewed the bigger picture and in many cases made us an entitled civilisation. A civilisation so concerned with bringing up our children to be responsible adults that know their rights, we have forgotten all about the “Responsible” part. Because we are responsible. Too many times have we heard the phrase “It’s not my job, mate.” So much so it has become a bit of a household joke.

Well it is your job, it is my job and it is everyones job. We all need to take responsibility for our actions. To stop worrying and judging what others are doing and to start looking at ourselves again. It is time we started to ask for help when we are unsure and instead of turning those away who do have the courage to ask for help, actually help.

Be Realistic & Supportive

I am under no illusion that the chances of our household ever being zero waste is so slim. And that is and should be totally okay. We are all different, have different budgets and different local services available. I have been part of groups on facebook aimed at helping others on a journey to zero waste or to make conscious changes to help the environment. However there were always people on these groups that wouldn’t help and would simply judge others.

“That isn’t enough you should be doing more.”

“That’s just pointless and a stupid idea.”

“You should get rid of your car. I did and it was fine.”

These are not helpful comments. These comments do not inspire change. Needless to say I left such groups and continue my journey to make mindful changes to help the environment and reduce plastic on my own.

Eco Friendly Changes: It is the little things that count

The Butterfly

I am sure you have heard of the Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory.

“The Butterfly Effect: This effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico.”

I don’t know if this is actually possible, perhaps. But it is a great metaphor for all of us to remember if we want to make changes to help the environment. This takes me back to my previous comment asking you not to panic. Don’t panic but flutter like a butterfly. Make small changes and the effects will be huge. I have covered in a previous post the number of straws saved in a year by just one person giving them up. So imagine the effect you can have by making one little change.

I honestly believe the key is to start small and never let anyone tell you it is not enough. Because if every person in the world made just one small change the effects would be astronomical. I saw a quote recently by Anne Marie Bonneau of The Zero Waste Chef that said:

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Honestly I have never warmed to a quote more. It epitomises everything I have said in the past and everything I believe now.

Eco Friendly Changes: It is the little things that count

Start Small Ideas

This is where things become down to you. Giving up a car is not practical for most people. If it is wonderful but I honestly believe that that is just a huge thing to expect of anyone. I certainly won’t be giving up my car anytime soon. I have, however, given up driving it when I really don’t need to. If I can walk, I will. I still have a way to go to really committing to this but I am trying and that is the key to all of this. Starting small stops the changes from being overwhelming. And it really can be overwhelming because there are so many positive changes you can make. It can become hard to know where to start.

Perhaps there are errands you need to run and you have to use the car. Could these all be done at the same time during a week?

Shopping can perhaps be done within walking distance or can you carpool with someone and go together. Maybe if you get an online delivery you can organise it to be delivered on an eco slot that many supermarkets are now offering to indicate they are already in your area.

I risk repeating myself here so I will simply direct to this post: The First Steps To Reducing Household Waste.

In the post I cover some very easy changes we can all make that will make a huge difference. I also have a monthly email that can be sent directly to you with other ideas, tips and plastic free products that I have found good and useful. This will be updated as I find more great tips to share with you.

Always Here To Help

I am always here to help so if you ever have any questions or thoughts on changes you would like to make then either comment on here or contact me on Instagram. I love chatting about all things eco and whilst I am no expert I have done a lot of research already so feel free to use me.

Eco Friendly Changes: It is the little things that count

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