A Family Holiday In The Prestigious City Of Washington D.C.

A Family Holiday In The Prestigious City Of Washington D.C.

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Raising a family is more than just hard work; it’s a labour of love. Some days everything goes totally fine, with everything happening on schedule; the kids wake up on time, you dress them in their school uniforms with minimal fuss, they actually finish all of their breakfast, and when you leave the house, you find there’s little to no traffic. Too good to be true. However, that feels like barely 5 per cent of the time as the other 95 per cent feels like a fight and struggle to get everything done in the right order and in the right time. Raising children can feel like a chore sometimes, but you know it’s worth it because, at the end of the day, when you tuck them in at night and see their faces sleeping soundly, you know all your hard work and moments of despair are for them.

That’s why your family needs to take a day off, or preferably a week or two. Rather than have days of sleeping in and having late afternoon tea by the television, you could take this opportunity to travel or have a vacation. If you’re interested in going abroad, visiting America’s London i.e. Washington D.C. would be an amazing experience for adults and the kids. Obtaining an ESTA Visa is easier than booking the actual holiday, so before anything, that needs to happen. But why not it’s well sorted after neighbour New York City? D.C. is overlooked yet it’s one of the most prestigious cities in America, so there are countless reasons to pit it, against NYC.

A Family Holiday In The Prestigious City Of Washington D.C.

The feel

Tall marble monuments, large white buildings of significant stature, high-profile politicians, a bustling young scene, the capital of the United States of America, Washington D.C. is stuffed full of reputation and modernity. It’s a fast-paced East Coast city in which politics is the main gravitational pull but the museums, restaurants, hotels, vibrant gardens, sculpted historical figures, war memorials and technology-driven culture are also starkly present.

5-star experience

They take pride in their assets and services in Washington, and the hotels are some of the best around the world. For your 5-star experience, your number one choice has to be The Jefferson. The social elite has all at one time, or another stayed between the walls of this hotel since 1923. Taking inspiration from its luxurious European counterparts the hotel is far from stuck in the past. It’s modern with Wi-Fi, HD flat-screen TVs, luscious bathrooms and your room has it’s very own espresso machine.

Space Museum

Millions of people around the world come to visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum which harbours the most accomplished and celebrated aircraft which have been subjected to the most extreme aero-design challenges. The children will absolutely love it and there’s a flight simulator and an IMAX theatre showing immersive films of first-hand space exploration. Prepare yourself to have your armed tugged and pleas of your kids wanted to stay for longer.

White House And Washington Monument

A trip to the capital simply wouldn’t be complete with a look at the White House. One of the most dominant buildings in the world, not for its design and scale, but for what takes place inside it. America is one of the leading powers in the world and decisions which impact the international political landscape take place here.

At 555 feet the Washington Monument was completed over a hundred years ago in 1884. You can ride a glass elevator that takes you to the top where you and the family enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city. The field surrounding the monument is open to the public 24 hours a day so you can roam the park and buy an ice cream for the kids.

Places to refuel

Washington D.C. has over 3000 restaurants to choose from, so you’re more than spoilt for choice. Amber Capitol Hill is a reasonably priced contemporary Balkan cuisine as the dishes take a twist on traditional Eastern European food.

&Pizza is a place that serves amazing flatbread pizza and mixed in rustic dough with recipes that incorporate fresh ingredients from the local food markets. As with most restaurants in the capital city, the later hours attract, the denser crowds and young students, business people and politicians all get off work late in the evening and begin to pour out onto the streets.

Fiola is a traditional Italian food hotspot that is great for families and large groups of people who want to take their time to eat their meal. Serving multiple courses, the restaurant offers the classics like lasagne, manicotti, and fried olives with red wine. But the seafood is just as delicious and succulent with mussels, crabs and oysters served with richly drenched bread crumbs and sundried tomatoes.  

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