Getting ready, a weekend away from the children!

I am spending this week preparing for our weekend in Vienna without Pinky and Perky. As far as packing goes I think that will be a 5 minute job. Packing for two people for two nights will be easy compared with packing for a two week holiday with a toddler and a baby.
My Mum is coming down from Wales so I have written her an essay of instructions. The girls routine and where to find everything I think she will need. How the TV remote works for her own sanity in the evenings more than anything. I feel a little guilty writing out these instructions, she raised four children herself and coped without any issue. It makes me feel better though and I think she appreciates it, she definitely feels more prepared if she knows the normal way of things. Mum visits as much as she can but it’s difficult for to come back regularly and the girls are changing so much and growing so quickly that things have often changed between her visits. I have assured her that if in doubt ask Pinky. She may only be two and a half but she knows where everything is and she loves to help when she can.
I have done some food shopping and will do a couple of batch cooks on Thursday so that Mum doesn’t have to worry about cooking. Macaroni cheese is top of that list as Pinky and Perky would happily eat that until they were sick if I let them.
I need to run a couple of errands, small things but they will no doubt take twice as long with Pinky in tow. I wanted to go whilst she is at nursery but Perky is poorly and I would rather keep her in to get her better before we go away. Leaving a sick child doesn’t sit well with my mummy guilt at all!

She will be fine, but I will load the cupboard with Calpol just in case.
Otherwise I think we are ready. It’s going to the very strange being without the girls but it will be nice to spend some time just me and Hubbs. And where better to do that than at the Christmas markets of Vienna sipping on mulled wine, staying in a posh hotel. Plus as a bonus for me, I love the cold icy weather and it looks like that’s exactly what it’s going to be.
Am I the only one who likes the cold? No one else in my family does….

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