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Anyone who knows me, or has been following me on Instagram for any length of time will know I am not green figured. In this past year I am finally showing signs of being able to keep plants alive but truthfully I think it’s more miracle than skill that the ones I have haven’t copped it. It doesn’t even matter how I approach the whole “grow your own” thing; seeds, grown plants, cuttings. They all eventually wither in front of my eyes. So in a last ditch attempt to really nail this home grown produce thing I have been trying out the GroFresh Kitchen Garden by Wizal.

A Kitchen Garden

I love the idea of a kitchen garden, there is something so romantic about having herbs growing that I can just pick as per my dinner requirements. Plus homegrown food always tastes better than the produce in the shops. In my imagination these herbs are grown in steel containers and placed on a cool stone windowsill over looking a stream. I once had herbs in steel pots, not the stone window sill or stream of course, that isn’t what my house looks like. Those herbs died, like everything else. My romantic notion finished in a sea of decay.

There is hope….

In my year of trying to be more positive I live in constant hope that the answer to all my herb growing woes is out there. And it look like the answer is there. It comes in the form of the Kitchen Garden GroFresh MicroGrower. This thing is a game changer for all of us out there afflicted a lack of green fingers (and judging on some of the past Instagram comments I have recieved there are many of us around).

The GroFresh is simple in it’s approach. Set it up. Turn it on. Let it grow the plants for you. That is it.

It waters and feeds the plants you choose to grow and alerts you when you need to top up the water. You can choose if you water the plants a lot (ideal for the first few weeks of growth) or if you need to reduce the amount of water they get. All of this can be done with the touch of one single button.

The Set Up

The set up of the GroFresh is probably the most complicated part of the process, but never fear because even this is easy. The Grower comes with an instruction booklet so you don’t have to take my word for it. Once you unpack it and put the bio light in place you prepare the celpods for either seeds or plant plugs as per the instructions. Put these in place, fill the machine with water and the plant food provided, turn it on and you’re away. It is automatically set to a low watering setting so you may want to increase this by simply pushing the button on the machine and waiting for the right flashing lights which indicate either a low, medium or high watering setting.

The Bio Light

The bio light on the GroFresh is a clever feature. It can be lowered or raised up as the plants grow and it provides light for 16 hours a day. It is on an automatic timer so it goes on and off without you having to do anything. If you have to unplug or turn off the GroFresh the bio light timer will reset so just bare that in mind. Although I am sure it wouldn’t matter too much unless it was being turned off a lot.


After I planted my seeds, I eagerly awaited to see what would happen. I planted one pod of thyme seeds and two pods of coriander. The first week there was nothing but on day 7 the thyme started to shoot. And then on day 9 the coriander joined it. I can’t even explain my excitement… They were actually growing! No soil, no remembering to water them. Just plug in and go. Since then they have continued to grow and the coriander is sprouting the fluffy leaves we all know and cook with. I am only a month into my growing journey but I am so impressed! Mostly because I’d have forgotten all about them already…. My houseplants are testament to that.

It won’t be long before they are ready to be used in my cooking and it is all thanks to the Kitchen Garden MicroGrower automatic system. In a month I haven’t had to refill the water yet so the feed that has been provided should last quite a long time. And if you change your mind about what you are growing you can purchase new Celpods for replanting.

Would I Recommend It?

So here’s the thing everyone wants to know, would I recommend it? Well, yes I would. It has completely taken the mess and hassle out of growing things in the kitchen so what is not to love. My only criticism is the round design as it takes up quite a lot of side space. This isn’t an issue for me but I have had kitchens in the past where it would have been. That said, there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be placed in any room of the house. It doesn’t have to be in the kitchen as long as there is a power supply. And if Wizal release a slimmer design in the future I will be one of the first people to jump on board and to have one on most of the window sills in my house. But for the chance to grow fresh produce all year round and not actually have to remember to care for it within my already packed schedule, yeah, I would recommend it over and over…. Unless you are green fingered. In which case I can’t believe you read this far, well done and thank you.


It’s competition time! Wizal are kindly giving away one Kitchen Garden for one lucky winner. Enter below and good luck!!!

If you can’t wait that long and don’t want to miss out, Wizal are currently offering these MicroGrowers at a delivered price just £39.00! (UK only) These will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to quantity of 200 units. So get in quick!

To take advantage of this offer simply email – quoting WZL200 and an individual payment invoice will be issued.

Copetition T’s & C’s

  1. Open to UK entrants only.
  2. Only one winner will be selected at random from all valid entries.
  3. No cash or other alternative will be offered.
  4. The winner will receive one Kitchen Fresh MicroGrower direct from
  5. The closing date is Tuesday 24th July 2018 at 23.59 (GMT).
  6. All entrants must be aged 18 or over.
  7. The winners will be informed by email within 7 days of the closing date.
  8. The name and email address will be passed onto Wizal for the purposes of prize dispatch. Any other entry information for any entrant will not be passed on or used for any marketing purposes. Any information gathered is for the sole use to contact the winner.

Wizal MicroGrower Kitchen Garden

*I received my MicroGrower Kitchen Garden for free in exchange for an honest review and progress report. All thoughts, opinions and words are my own.


  1. Oh wow this looks like just the thing I need to help me grow plants, as I’m known for killing everything I try to grow! I love the idea of having a kitchen garden 🙂

  2. i am so bad at growing anything so i would give this a go as it sound that is something that could really help me to get my green fingers going – ohh and i love the modern looks

  3. This is absolutely brilliant as I have a black thumb and I kill anything that I attempt to grow. I do wish it was not so bulky, but with it’s water and mechanics, I’m sure this is as small as they could make it in order for it to still work properly. I would adore having some fresh herbs right in reach to throw into dinner!

  4. We’ve been trying to get our veg garden up and running for around 3 years and we’re still not there. This certainly looks like a good idea for someone who doesn’t have green fingers. I’m hoping my husband is good with growing things, because I’m not. #Thursdayteam

  5. That looks fantastic! I am no good at growing plants so something like this would suit if I want to achieve that dream of plucking fresh herbs right from my own kitchen while cooking. #bigpinklink

  6. Not the prettiest thing in the world but the herbs will be and if it works and allows fresh herbs in cookery got to be a very good thing #BigPinkLink

  7. I love the idea of fresh herbs, but I too seem to kill everything I touch. My solution: make hubby do the garden. Hahaha!


  8. I’m not green fingered either and thus leave it to my girls and hubby to do the gardening. I’ve bought some lovely faux flowers for inside the house. #ThursdayTeam

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