Holy Crap I turn 30 next week! 

I turn 30 next weekend. I’m not really sure where the last year has gone let alone 30 of them!
I’m OK with it though. Hubby really struggled turning 30 a few months ago, he’s not sure why but he found it very hard. Maybe the mourning of a lost youth? I am more optimistic about turning 30 as I have achieved so much in my 20’s (maybe I will start to slow things down). I trained and qualified as a nurse. I met and married Hubby. I had two children and thus completed my family. The next decade for me will dedicated to focusing on my family. Spending more quality time with Hubby as he has mostly played second fiddle to other things without complaint. The uni work, the long hours of nursing, the extra hours I did to pay for uni. Then the girls. I will see them grow up and start school, they will even have moved on to secondary school by the time I turn 40 (but less about that, 40 I am not excited about).
It’s exciting for me, and it’s the first birthday in a long time I’ve been excited about. Being a January baby no one has ever been that keen on joining my celebrations.
‘Sorry, I just have no money left after Christmas.’
‘Sorry to be a kill joy but I’m detoxing in January.’
It’s got to the point where I don’t do anything for my birthday. Hubby and I will go for dinner and we will invite a close friend and partner to join just so I don’t feel completely rejected or miserable, let’s face it no one really likes turning a year older past about 25.
To be clear I don’t organise huge extravagant things for my birthday (other than the obvious 21st), the last thing was dinner at pizza express which I organised before December so everyone had advanced warning. Even then some people made a fuss about the money. I do understand, we don’t have a money tree either, that’s why I picked that particular pizza restaurant. I don’t even like it! That was 4 years ago now. So this year is going to be different!
This year as it’s a big one and I don’t want to ignore it (unlike Hubby) I’ve left it up to him to plan. And so far I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed. I believe he contemplated inviting some of my close friends but for various reasons outside his control that was a logistical nightmare. Instead he and I are going to London for the night. It’s something we try and do at least once a year anyway. The girls are having a sleep over at G’ma & Grump’s house starting early Saturday morning whilst we head into London for shopping, probably just of the window variety, then out for dinner. A posh dinner somewhere in Soho. Then an overnight stay in a hotel. I know which restaurant were going to but the hotel is still a secret. He’s promised to tell me when it’s all confirmed, apparently it’s a choice of two or three. He knows me better than anyone so I can’t wait to see which hotel he chooses.
I don’t like wishing time away but truly I can’t wait for our night out, we always have the best fun in London. I think it will be the best birthday yet!
I am having a party too this year, I really want one. But since my mum lives 250 miles away and we have such a large family I have decided to throw a joint party for myself and Perky in February as she will be turning 1. The idea of organising two parties 3 weeks apart and then one in March for Pinky just didn’t appeal.
Here’s to the next decade. May it be as family focused and enjoyable as I wish for.
Mummy x

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