How To Get Rid of Kitchen Smells with Natural Remedies – Guest Post

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

Our kitchen is home to many delicious delicacies our family and friends enjoy. This is where the ultimate specialties are made with love and passion. The aroma is heavenly and you just can’t get enough! This is a nice smell while you are cooking, serving and eating!

The problem is, when everything gets mixed up, you end up with an unpleasant smell. The scent sticks to every surface in the kitchen! And sometimes, it’s not a lovely aroma anymore! I know we all want to get rid of that and have our kitchen smelling fresh every time.

Now you’re tired of that smell and you just want to get rid of it. The good thing is, there are a few natural remedies to get rid of this annoying smell.

1.Brew some coffee

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

I know we all want to serve an aromatic dish. But we don’t want our guests catching the kitchen and the whole house smelling of fried garlic and onions! A simple way to get rid of that is by overpowering that fried garlic smell with a stronger aroma.

Coffee has a very powerful fragrant smell when they are brewing. Why not enjoy a cup of coffee after cooking? Just before your guests arrive! This way, your kitchen smells of coffee instead of baked fish!

2. Bake some butter, cinnamon, and sugar

Another neat trick to remove pesky cooking smell is by baking some butter, cinnamon and sugar. Instead of smelling like a restaurant kitchen, it would smell like sweet cookies instead. Isn’t that nice? Cinnamon has this lovely, Christmassy, cookie aroma that can over power the smell of your sautéed dishes.

3. Boil orange and lemon peels

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

If you have prepared some seafood dish involving lemons or oranges, you can save the lemon peel and boil it for about thirty minutes after cooking. This ensure that your kitchen will be enveloped with a refreshing citrus scent instead of shrimps and crabs!

4. Have a few swabs soaked with vanilla

Vanilla is not just a wonderful ingredient that gives your baked goods that awesome flavor. You can also use them to get rid of nasty kitchen odors. Soak a few cotton swabs with vanilla extract and place it at every corner of your kitchen. Place some over your kitchen counter, a few near the stove, some more on the cupboard and other obvious spaces.

Instead of smelling like something was cooked in there, your kitchen would exude of a relaxing aroma instead!

5. How about some spritz of vodka?

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

You may disagree with this one if you don’t want a few drops of vodka wasted. But, vodka is an awesome odour eliminator! Place a few ounces on a spray bottle and spritz some over the kitchen curtains. Use it on the fabrics found on your kitchen to remove the cooking smell

6. Scented candles can make wonders to

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

When you are done cooking, light a scented candle, or a few, to replace the cooking odour with your favourite candle scent.

7. Keep your kitchen clean

Most of the kitchen odour comes from the mixed aroma coming from the food being cooked. Now, if you let the oil splatter build up, it will turn rancid and add to the original problem. To deal with this, dampen a cloth with vinegar and wipe surfaces clean!

8. Sometimes, the chopping boards add to the smell

Chopping boards are home to many microorganisms. These makes them prone to rot and they may add up to your kitchen smell problem. Let me remind you that, aside from the kitchen odor, a dirty copping board is a health hazard too! So be sure to clean them thoroughly so that bacteria won’t grow on it!

Scrape off residual kitchen stuff stuck on the surface of the copping board. Scrub them with a steel wool to make sure that the surface bacteria are gone. If you want to go thorough, you can file the surface of your chopping board once every week to discourage bacterial growth!

9. Segregate your kitchen waste and take them out

Another kitchen stuff that contributes in nasty smelling kitchen is rotten kitchen waste. Make sure that you don’t mix them with your regular trash bins as they take a while longer to get filled and taken out! That means more time for the waste to exude that pungent cheese smell!

Final Words

We always want every corner of our home smelling fresh. Unfortunately, our kitchen is not contributing to this and makes things against our favor. The good thing is, there are ways to get rid of those pesky kitchen cooking odor before they get worse in the whole house!

Most of these odour eliminating stuff are easy to do and can be readily found on your kitchen! If you love coffee, enjoy a fresh brew and overpower that fishy odour!

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This post was kindly provided by Kristin.

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

My name is Kristin, and I’m a housewife with big love for cooking. When I’m not bringing on the Food Network and attempting to become America’s Next Top Chef, I’m browsing online for unique recipes to awe my friends with. Now I ‘m a founder and main editor for Taste Insight, my blog about nutrition and vegetarian food!

How to get rid of kitchen smells with natural remedies

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