How to Make Moving House Stress Free

Moving House Essentials

Any one who follows me on Instagram will know that I recently moved house. If you follow me you will also know that I have been packing for weeks. You would be forgiven for think thing that I found the whole process quite stressful, but the truth is I didn’t. I found it overwhelming at times but not stressful. So I wanted to share with out how we a achieved a Stress Free house move.

It’s Emotional

Moving house is always emotional even if it is something you wanted and planned. When we make a house our home it will always hold special memories. Closing that chapter in your life will always come with emotions so if you can also reduce the overall stress that is a big bonus in my eyes.

Moving House Essentials

How to Make Moving House Stress Free

Naturally it is all in the planning. Of course sometimes it is hard to plan ahead, dates get changed, things fall through. But where possible plan ahead. If you want to ultimate stress free move then I recommend finding a reputable removal company that also come round and packs everything for you. This was not an option for us as it just made the overall cost of moving far too much. Instead we made the bold decision to move ourselves with the help of a few friends and family members using a Luton Van (the biggest my Husband could drive). We moved from one 4 bed house to another without a raised voice or crossed word and we did it within 4 hours.

Get The Boxes And Wrap

As we were packing up ourselves we had to source our own cardboard boxes. Gone are the days you can go to the local supermarket and take their empty boxes left at the end of the checkouts. Even the Amazon boxes are usually pretty poor quality but may be suitable for lighter loads. Although they do still need reinforcing with half a roll of gaffer tape.

We got our boxes from as they offer packs according to property size. The pack we had contained 4 different sizes of boxes, brown tape, tissue paper, bubble wrap and a black marker pen. The boxes are of good quality and size.


3 Weeks To Moving Day

Pack Non Essentials

This may seem obvious but seriously, pack up those non essential. This can be done before but I started this with 3 weeks to move. I consider all non essentials to be photos on the walls, any ornaments, books, spare bedding, guest rooms. These are all the things that make a house feel like a home but they don’t need to be out so pack them. These are also the things that take the time to pack as they often need wrapping and protecting from damage.

How to Make Moving House Stress Free

Clear out the Attic and Garage

Whilst packing the non essentials this opens up the perfect opportunity to clear out any storage areas you have. It is amazing the amount of stuff we accumulate over time. We had a huge clear out about 6 months before we moved which really helped but was also coincidental and just something we had decided needing doing anyway. This meant that all we had a minimal amount of belongings to sell or dispose of. Once moving day came the only attic contents were Christmas decorations and the garage only had bikes and scooters in. This also offered up great storage for some of our furniture as moving day approached.

2 Weeks to Moving Day

Rubbish Disposal

Dispose of rubbish. We have lost count of the amount of dump runs we have done for this move. At least our rate of recycling has gone through the roof. I went through all our wardrobes and airing cupboard and removed all the old things we didn’t need. Our refuse collector takes any old textiles on a weekly basis if left out with our regular bins which made these easy to dispose of.

This is also when we gave away some of our old furniture. We no longer needed one of our sofas and there was also a double mattress that had barely been used that we needed to get rid of. I found a local charity that collect old, good quality furniture for free and give it to families that need it. The only requirements the charity had were that all the fire labels were still attached, the furniture was clean and in a good condition.


1 Week to Moving Day

Washing and Wardrobes

With a week to go I got all of the laundry done. I then left out enough to last the remaining days for all of us and packed the rest into suitcases. This did mean we moved with 2 full laundry baskets but I can’t remember the last time I saw the bottom of them anyway.


Dismantle any furniture you can and store it in a shed or garage if possible. We took down our bed and slept on a mattress on the floor. Our bed frame is extremely heavy so we wanted to get this downstairs and into the garage to spread out the amount of heavy lifting done of the week. If it had been lighter we may have just rested the frame against the wall. We also dismantled the office desk and dining table. None of these things are difficult to do but when you have to do them all at once and on a moving deadline it makes a huge difference to have done it in advance where possible.

How to Make Moving House Stress Free

1 Day to Moving Day

The Kitchen

Along with anything we used daily, such as bathroom stuff. I left the whole kitchen to the day before. I did contemplate doing some in advance, such as halving the glasses and plates in circulation but I decided against it. My reasoning was that if I pack the whole kitchen at once then i can spread all if the contents across the boxes required but have everything in one place. All the glasses in one box, not two or three. All the tinned food and spices together and not in a few different boxes. This was less about making moving out stress free and more about making unpacking at the other end stress free.

Moving Day

Load with Purpose

If, like us, you are having to move the whole house yourselves and not using a company with a huge lorry then you need to load the transport you have sensibly and with purpose. Our priorities were two things; make as few trips as possible and get the girls bedrooms done and ready for them asap. This meant we had to make sure we could safely stack boxes up and that the girls bedroom furniture was some of the first out of the van at the other end.

I hope this has been a useful guide for anyone about to move house. The overall move took us about 4 hours with the help of 6/7 adults including us (1 adult came to help after the first load was done). We had 3 loads of the van although it could have been done in 2 but we didn’t want the garden stuff to get anything dirty so that was done in a separate load. It was physically and emotionally exhausting but it was manageable and with all the planning and preparation it was a stress free house move.

How to Make Moving House Stress Free


  1. I’ve moved so many times in my life, but the thought of doing it now fills me with dread! We are having a new kitchen fitted next week and I’ve been packing up the kitchen over the past few weeks! I didn’t realise how much junk we had accumulated in just one room!!! Great blog post with some fab tips xx

  2. Even with all the preparation in the world it’s stressful moving. You are not moving house but moving a hame, closing one and starting another. It will take a while for all that to take shape, But it’s exciting too! #DreamTeam

  3. I have done loads of moves and somehow you get through it. A strong support network helps a lot especially if it means they take children and dogs till you get sorted. I like posts like yours based on real experience #ThursdayTeam

  4. Moving is such a huge undertaking but I adore large organization projects like it and find it a fantastic time to weed through what you have an downsize, Glad the move went well! I’m sure it’s due in great part to your fabulous organization and planning!

  5. Been through this just last year, so I know… but, like you, I planned weeks in advance and started with the non-essentials while Little Man was at nursery – so it was slow but steady and not as stressful as one would expect. Good luck and congratulations on the move…

  6. We’ve moved a number of times and usually managed to move ourselves and although I have always find the house buying/selling bit ridiculously stressful the actual moving part has always been ok. Until the last time! We had to move out before our new home was ready so spent 10 weeks in a caravan. All our belongings went into storage apart from the things we needed for 10 weeks over the summer. Unfortunately the build was delayed and our Summer in the great outdoors soon became Autumn and we had to move into a tiny flat. It was certainly stressful that time!! Glad your move went well though and hope you’re happy in your new home! #thursdayteam

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