Iced Gems

Iced Gem recipe. Super easy you can bake them with kids or toddlers. Bite size snack and a little treat that are easy to make.

It has been a while since I have done any baking. It was only a matter of time before I got back into the swing of it, I guess I just needed a rest. I woke up this morning with an urge to bake… Last minute doesn’t always work but as I will show you, where there is a will there is a way. Initially I decided to make triple chocolate cookies because…. Well you know….. Chocolate. But last minute I decided iced gems would be better.

Ok…. Ok…. I actually made both! Super greedy but so good.

Anyway here are the iced gems and how I made them. The biscuits are a simple vanilla biscuit I make all the time.

Iced Gems


Little trick: I use a couple of squirts of 1 cal fry lite spray on the baking tray to stop the paper curling up before the dough shapes are on it. This is especially useful when you get towards the end of the roll.

In this instance I didn’t have a round cutter small enough for what I needed. It’s my fault for making such last minute decisions. Never fear I thought a little outside of the box. I was going to use a shot glass or a large icing nozzle but I wanted to be able to extract the dough if it got stuck inside. I used the lid from an apple juice carton. The juice was nearly finished anyway. I put it in a chopping board and slowly cut through to leave myself with a little cylinder. It seriously worked!


Whilst the biscuits were cooling I made the royal icing. I make a lot of this and the recipe can be halved but it does keep for a couple of weeks in an airtight container. It will separate but with another good mix it will be good to go. If the container isn’t airtight the sugar will form crystals then you may as well throw it away. I’m not sure if these can actually be broken down, I have tried and given up before I succeeded.

Then coloured using sugar flair gel food colouring and thinned down to a stiff peak consistency. I used the Wilton 2d Nozzle for a looser ruffled look.

Et voilà….

Iced Gem recipe. Super easy you can bake them with kids or toddlers. Bite size snack and a little treat that are easy to make.


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  1. Hi Kirsty, these look tooth rottingly good! I love your ingenuity at creating a cutter, very clever! If I had a go at making these could I use egg white straight from the egg rather than albumin, and I’ve just realised I can’t get cream of tartar here either! Will have to think about that… I know these iced gems would go down well with my Dad as he loves them and we can’t buy them here… So much for island living!


    1. Dont worry about the cream of tartare. It just keeps the white icing super white. I only use the albumin because I got some whilst I was pregnant and wanted some form of pasteurised egg white, real eggs actually make lovely royal icing. They were definately tooth rotting! Enjoy if you do make them, let me know how you get on.

  2. Oooh, these are fab!! A real throw back to my childhood! My mum bought some in a packet for my children, for the first time recently, and they LOVED them! As they love baking too, I know they’d really enjoy making these-such a cute and fun little treat! I also like your style-that you just can’t watch Bake Off without sweet treats!! Brilliant!!

  3. Oh wow these look totally yummy. I love Iced Gems and I always used to pick off the icing and then eat the biscuit. You make them sound really simple to make (apart from mixing the icing for 20 mins!!!)
    I know what you mean about GBBO it always makes me feel very hungry!

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