The Ultimate Guide to Improving your Kids’ Healthy Eating Habits – Guest Post

This week I have a guest post by Zara, a proud mum of three: two little rascals and a lovely fur baby Lola. Zara is a life coach, writer, content editor on High Style Life, wannabe foodie and passionate promoter of a healthy lifestyle. In her free time (huh?) Zara enjoys reading or starting another baking adventure with her kids (a woman after my own heart). Zara writes about things that are part of her life and what inspires her, mostly parenting and healthy lifestyle topics.  Her writing is beautiful so I recommend checking out some of her work.

Zara’s Post:

As a parent, your multifaceted role teaches you to be your kids’ tutor, best friend, confidant, guide, cook, and nurse, to name a few. But one of the most rewarding aspects of parenthood is helping your kids develop their sense of self, of right and wrong and guiding them to make important decisions that will shape their life to a great extent.

Healthy eating habits, for instance, are a significant part of those decisions, and if you teach them from an early age how to appreciate and lead a healthy lifestyle, they will grow up to be strong and resilient. But, educating kids about healthy foods and meal preparation can be tricky for some parents, especially with children that are picky. So, let’s take a look at a few strategies every parent can use to improve their kids’ eating habits in no time!

Switch sugar with healthy snacks

Most kids don’t have that much of an appetite, let alone for less than delicious foods like broccoli or cabbage, and their caloric needs aren’t very high, understandably so. But their little portions need to be very nutritious, filled with essential macro and micronutrients since food is very important for the kid’s growth and development, both physical and mental.

If they consume too much candy and processed sugary foods, their sugar cravings will only increase, while their appetite for proper meals will be lower. An occasional chocolate dessert is, of course, more than acceptable, but it’s crucial to base your sweet snacks on healthy choices, such as fresh fruit, chopped or in smoothies, as well as some dried fruit. Add a spoonful of raw honey, and they will love it!

The Ultimate Guide to Improving your Kids' Healthy Eating Habits

Let your kids join the kitchen fun!

Kids that regularly participate in the meal prepping process will gradually develop their interest in healthy foods and you have a perfect opportunity to tell them everything you know on each ingredient, how to combine them and how they are important for your health. Kids will likely ask questions which you won’t be able to answer, so get ready to expand your own knowledge and learn with your kids.

They can wash, measure or mix the ingredients, help with the dishes, decide on the ingredients of their sandwiches, and help you pack everything in the fridge, among so many other things. Consider Curious Chef kid-friendly cooking utensils that will further develop your kids’ love for making food with safe and fun tools and equipment.

Cooking with a creative twist

Naturally, kids are open to new ideas, so they are always happy to suggest their own. So, instead of sticking to your routine, you can introduce fun ways of preparing food and get your kids to take part in the process while encouraging them to also offer their own solutions.

Use fun shapes and colours, let your kids design the dinner table, as well as the meal itself, they can arrange the decorations, utensils and turn your ordinary meal into a feast. Encourage them to do some research before joining you in the kitchen, to experiment with making a new, healthy dish.

This way, cooking becomes a superbly enjoyable, challenging project, where they get the chance to shine with their newly discovered fun facts and apply their creative skills. The more they know about healthy foods, the more they will be likely to incorporate them into every meal and find more innovative ways to prepare food.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving your Kids' Healthy Eating Habits

Introduce healthy supplements

An excellent way to make sure that your kids’ daily nutritional needs are met is to include a healthy supplement that will complement their meals, especially if they have some issues that could easily be resolved with a healthy supplement boost. For instance, BioCare probiotics for kids will ensure a healthy micro flora, which is crucial for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

On the other hand, if you’re having trouble getting your kids to eat enough of fruits and veggies at first, you can introduce a healthy multivitamin complex that will provide them with an adequate amount of micronutrients to protect and boost their immune system.

As soon as you turn cooking into a family activity in which kids play an equally important role. If you educate them through fun tasks and creative, playful food-prepping sessions, they will quickly grow to love your cooking adventures and develop strong, healthy habits that will be a perfect basis for a lifetime of health and happiness!

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Kids' Healthy Eating Habits

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