In the dark dark house

In a dark dark street (floodlit by streetlights), there was a dark dark house (the outside light was probably left on by mistake again), there were some dark dark stairs (soooo many stairs, bloody town house) and at the top of the stairs there was a dark dark bedroom, in that dark dark bedroom was a little girl who was paralysingly afraid of the dark. Does anyone else remember the Funnybones? I used to love that cartoon.  I must get the book for the girls.  I digress…. To the point!
Recently Pinky has been complaining that her clock is ‘screaming’. After a quick investigation we discovered that the plug for her GroClock was making an awful high pitched squeal. We decided to condemn it ourselves. We did check it wasn’t the wall socket, and it made the noise in all outlets. As a side note we called the GroClock company and we had a replacement sent two days later (we just missed next day post) and they have asked we send back the old one (freepost👍🏻) so they can investigate. I know not many kids respond well to this clock that is designed to indicate an appropriate time to get up in the morning, however Pinky does. She totally gets it, she has even worked out that the little stars around the edge reduce over the night to indicate how much time is left until morning. Clever girl. This has has taken time and perseverance… So much perseverance…. Both Hubby and I had forgotten that the clock initially served as a night light. I can’t remember what age Pinky suddenly took great offence to the dark but I think it was around 2. The other little light we got her is a Lindum owl lantern. We all love it, it’s cute, but most importantly it only stays on for 20 minutes so we don’t have to go and turn it off and the batteries don’t get drained in one night. This gets used at bedtime and Pinky takes it with her if she needs a midnight toilet trip.
So to the point of my ramblings…. Bedtime went swimmingly. Stories, lights out, owl on, acknowledged the lack of clock…. Never mind it’ll be fixed soon. Our bedtime comes, our lights out, cosy satisfying sleep. So so cosy.
‘HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!!’ Hubby goes flying into Pinkys room to find her half sat up, half reclined, almost paralysed with fear, shaking, tears in her eyes. I’m laughing as I write this but mostly because if I don’t I might cry a little. Bless her cotton socks. The owl light went on and everyone went back to bed, I could here Pinky talking to her toys all happy again. 20 minutes later just as we had managed to drift back off into the land of nod…. The owl goes off and the screaming starts again. Fortunately we happened to have a plug in light that we dug out of the depths of the wardrobe or a draw or a box somewhere (my memory at 3am isn’t brilliant). This little plug solved the problem until the new power supply for the clock arrived. Happy days!
I decided not to bring the incident up with Pinky, mostly because I didn’t think that much of it but partly because I didn’t want to make her fear of the dark a big issue. As we were out on a little walk she decided to talk to me about it. What she described was the stuff of nightmares! She said the darkness went into her eyes and filled them. Her words no embellishment. She explained how the darkness held her down and stopped her from moving. Again, her words not mine. Then lastly she explained how the darkness was thick and scary. I’m not afraid of the dark. To the best of my knowledge neither is Hubby. I don’t ever really remember being afraid as a child but maybe I was. I do remember having a cuddly glow worm night light, but I’m not sure if it was bought for the night light aspect or because it was cute. Either way what Pinky described sounded terrifying even for an adult so for a poor little three year olds brain it must have been awful.
Lesson learnt. Night lights are essential, at least for now!


  1. We have to sleep with the bathroom light beaming in our eyes and sometimes even the closet loght on since three of our four girls have issues with the dark.. No sleep for mom ever.


  2. Oh my goodness, the darkness filling your eyes and pinning you down is pretty terrifying! Poor little thing. I’ve never been scared of the dark either, but I can see why it’s scary for little ones. Glad to hear that you find the Gro CLock helpful – we are just considering it for Max as he is insisting on waking up at 5.30 every morning. I think he’s about the right age to understand it now, so I figure it’s worth a punt for the sake of a bit more sleep! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Ah bless her! I was never scared of the dark, but my brother was and we had to leave the landing light on for him! I was a horrible little sister and would run out and turn it off, because it was just outside by door 🙂 We have a GroClock with Alice and it is great that it doubles up as a light. I would say that the Gro clock works 80% on her. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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