Increasing Home Security

Increasing Home Security

Obviously for everyone the security of their home is paramount. But when you have children the need to protect your ‘nest’ increases. A house becomes even more of a home. You tend to spend a little more time in it and everything you own increases in personal value. That is why we taking increasing home security very seriously.

There is a lot of advice out there to help you along your way to increasing home security but here are some of my hints and tips.

Increasing Home Security

Self Timed Lights

There are a couple of ways this can be achieved. If you want to go the old fashioned way there are plenty of cheap attachments available that insert into the plug socket and from there you can time when it turns on your lamps. It is a simple and effective solution.

Being the total geeks that we are in the Winnettes household we haven’t gone for such a simple solution. We have been slowly purchasing the Hue lightbulbs over time. These lightbulbs can be controlled with smart switches or with your smart phone. These currently only work over a joint wifi network but the are programmable to come on and go off at specific times of the day.

By ensuring the lights come on at normal times it is harder to tell if you are on holiday or not.


This isn’t for everyone of course. And I would in no way recommend getting a dog just to guard your home. Seriously! But dogs are a great warning system. Whatever the breed they are naturally protective of their territory and will alert you (and your neighbours) to any unfamiliar activity. Our little pooch is not a guard dog. She is a family pet, she is great with the kids. But trust me… If someone comes to the door (or within 50 ft of the house) she is the first to let us know. No burglar is getting into our house without us knowing. Of course the dog would be more likely to lick them than bite them but at least we would know they are there.

Indoor Cameras

This one holds two great purposes for me; security and finding out what the dog and cat do when we are out. I suspect nothing but I would like to know all the same. Indoor cameras are great for when you are out or away. This Panasonic indoor camera is a great option. It works with your smart phone so you can see what is going on in your house whilst you are out. It also has a temperature sensor and two way communication. As a huge added bonus (for the tech geek that I am) it even works with Amazon Alexa.

Enclosed Parcel Storage

Nothing quite says “Empty House” like a parcel sat outside. Even for a few hours. If you don’t already have an outside cupboard that couriers can put parcels into then if possible install a small storage unit. It will make it less obvious that the house is empty and will likely deter any chancers who could drive past and take the parcel directly off the doorstep.

Increasing Home Security

Change Your Routine

It is a well known fact that humans are creatures of habit. This is something criminals bank on to ensure they won’t be interrupted intruding in a home. Where possible change up your routine on occasion to make less of a guarantee the house will always be empty at 3pm every Thursday.

Outside Cameras

CCTV has been around for a very long time and the cost of it has come down greatly in recent years. This means it is more realistic for people to be able to instal various camera around the outside of their home to ensure all access points are monitored. There are even motion sensitive cameras now that can be placed alongside a doorbell so anytime anyone approaches the house you get an alert to your smart phone and can watch a live feed.

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