Interior and Home Décor Tips to Create Mindfulness

Interior and Home Décor Tips to Create Mindfulness

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You may have heard a lot about mindfulness lately, as it has fast become a topic on the forefront of many people’s minds. No matter our age, gender or occupations, everyone is guilty of battling busy, manic lives on a daily basis, which can often be demanding on various levels.

With this comes the subject of our mental state. Our mental state should be calm, collected and clear, in order to effectively get tasks done and feel happier in general. Sadly, this tends to be the opposite for many of us, as we struggle to manage our crazy lives and spend less time focusing on our own mental health.

However, this looks set to change, as society is realising the effects that regularly feeling burnt out and stressed can cause.

As mental health has become widely regarded as a necessary factor to a healthy and happy life, we’re looking at ways to bring mindfulness into your life, to encourage a healthier mindset.

Read on to discover how to encourage mindfulness at home through interior design and home décor:

Create a meditation area

Too many of us are associating our homes with returning from work, cooking for others, looking after the family, finding more jobs to do and bringing work home. The home shouldn’t be a place which creates more stressful jobs – the home should offer a place to wind down, feel grateful for time spent with family, and look after yourself.

Look at creating a space in the home to properly meditate, and make it a daily priority. You don’t need to specifically create a fully decorated and kitted out space – it can even be a corner of a room free from distractions. Ideally, create the space near a window and use scatter cushions to make it comfy.

Surround the sitting area with items or visuals that make you feel both physically and mentally comfortable, for the ultimate relaxed headspace. Prop up a little shelf nearby with your favourite photographs displayed, or with some frames showing your favourite quotes.

Have a functional bathroom

Many people turn to their bathroom when looking for a little more ‘me time’, so make yours inviting. As well as being serene, relaxing and calming, a bathroom should be fully functional, with a fully working bath, shower and toilet that causes no extra stresses.

Another key point of having a functional bathroom is that the space should be as minimal as possible, free from clutter and with easy access to everything you need.

Taking time out to have a relaxing soak in the bath and reflect on the day is all about creating a sense of peace, and to do this, you need to enjoy the space you’re in. You can get lots of bathroom inspiration online – (try checking out Bathdisc’s website).

Look at deep-set baths, matching suites for visual pleasure, and handy storage units which can be fit around the basis or on the walls. 

Create a signature scent

There is something about your home having a sense of familiarity which is key to mindfulness.

Psychologists say that by creating a scent which is always present in your home is a very powerful tool for recalling positive memories. To do this, try to create a signature scent for your home. It should be one that you will enjoy the smell of continuously, so look for something not too overpowering and one that anyone who shares your home with you will like too.

You could gather inspiration for your new signature scent from travel or experiences. Test out a range of candles, diffusers or home fragrance sprays to see which one suits. One the aroma is utilised throughout the home, let it add to that calming atmosphere you dream of.

Almost immediately, your brain will start to associate the scent with feelings of being safe at home, bringing those comforting vibrations to you. Why not consider bringing the scent with you when you visit unfamiliar places 

Focus on a cohesive colour palette

In the same way you aim for each aspect of your life to be balanced, each room in your home should follow this too. It’s all about creating a cohesive experience in the home that brings along harmony and positivity. You can easily create this with colour.

Ideally, the colour scheme should flow from room to room, so avoid using harsh, brash colours which clash. Moving from room to room should feel like a natural and seamless transition.

Shades like cream, beige, lemon and very pale blues all promote calm, peace, tranquillity and uplifting feelings. They contribute to a less-cluttered mind, which is ideal for those striving for mindfulness when in the home.

Have you discovered any home interior and décor tips have worked for you and your mindfulness journey? Has a particular amendment to your home brought more ease and clarity to your at-home life? Do let us know in the comments.

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