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I’ve done it. Are you proud of me… I’ve moved on from exclusively reading crime/thrillers and can report I have read two romance novels this month. I can’t promise I will keep mixing up my genres as I have had mixed success but I will see what attracts my attention.

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One Day In December (Josie Silver) 3*

First up is a little romance. I actually started this towards the end of February and as it was a relatively short book I thought it would go under the reviews for that month. But it was such a slog to get through it took me much longer to read than I anticipated. For a while I thought I may have lost my reading bug, but with a return to authors I know I love I am very much in full swing of reading again. Which, sadly, means that it was this book that was the problem.

“You tread lightly through life, but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill.” 

The thing is it isn’t a bad book. The characters are well formed, I quite liked them all. And for the most part I was rooting for all of them to be happy. It is an overall easy read and the ending was so sweet, I won’t lie I really enjoyed the ending. Mostly I think the issues I had with this book are my own. The experiences of the characters were all too relatable and it was a book that could have been written about any one of us in one way or another. And that just isn’t my thing. I like escapism to a greater degree than this book could offer. This meant I struggled to want to read it until I was well over half way and at a point that I was so invested it seemed a shame not to see it through. It takes a lot for me to abandon a book half way, but this one nearly came to that. It was close to getting a 1* at many points but that would be unfair and undeserving.

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An Anonymous Girl (Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen) 5*

I could not wait to start this. I have heard a few good things about it and having read “The Wife Between Us” I knew I would most likely enjoy the authors’ next novel. And it did not disappoint.

Intrigue is established early on and suspense is felt through much of the plot. With a few twists, turns and unexpected events thrown in you will be kept guessing who you should really trust right until the end.

“We all have reasons for our judgments, even if those reasons are so deeply buried we don’t recognize them ourselves.” 

I really don’t want to give away any spoilers for this one, so I will be careful what I write. The lead characters are all so well written you really do feel like you know their next moves and motivations. However, things change, events don’t always go to script and reactions can alter. I would say this is a must read for anyone who likes easy to read, gripping, crime thrillers.

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The Other Mother (J. A. Baker) 4*

This story follows three women eternally entwined by tragedy from many years ago. It demonstrates the dangers of grief fuelled revenge, the dangers of half truths and the dangers of allowing hate to run your life. With the background of the beautiful and moody Yorkshire Countryside the scene is set for dark behaviour and brighter futures.

Truthfully this book didn’t instantly grip me but it did peak my curiosity. Initially I found it slow and confusing. What should have left me with intrigue waiting for more answers actually left me feeling frustrated and hoping the plot would speed up to show what is really going on.

Once the plot did speed up, certain questions about all the links between the three women and their intentions in the story became clear it was much more enjoyable. The benefit of the initial frustration was that I really didn’t see the ending coming. I was as taken aback as the characters in the story. I won’t be rushing out to buy anymore of J.A. Bakers books but I won’t deliberately avoid them either.

It Ends With Us (Colleen Hoover) 5*

Ok, ok! Hands up. I am a Colleen Hoover fan. And I promise, it is an honest comment to make when I say her stories are not my usual genre. As a general rule her stories centre around romance. There are no murders and the endings are often a little soppy and too feel good for me. The thing is; I just can’t get enough of her books. I find them so easy to read, I speed through them and I always feel like they stick with me days after I have finished the book. And any book or TV series that can stick with me like that leaves me wanting more and more.

“Fifteen seconds. That’s all it takes to completely change everything about a person. Fifteen.”

It Ends With Us did not disappoint the part of me that craves Hoovers writing. The wonderful thing about her books is underneath the steamy romances there are serious subjects being dealt with. In ‘It Ends With Us’ the topic of domestic abuse is the underlying gritty factor. And it is done well. With a beyond charming leading man. A man anyone would fall in love with, do anything for and crave to be around. Until the hidden temper comes out. Without leaving any spoilers, the chapter about the Boston magnet had my body tingling with warning signs right from the beginning. I was practically screaming at the leading lady to get out before it’s too late.

It is worth noting that all of Hoovers books should come with a trigger warning. This trigger is Domestic Abuse. However if you want a little break from crime thrillers, with a little steamy and believable romance then this is the book for you. It’s not too soppy, it’s not too dark but it is the perfect balance of both.

Book Reviews: The Other Mother, It Ends With Us, An Anonymous Girl, One Day in December
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