Millennials Are Shaking Up The Wedding Industry (Including The Floral Arrangements)

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Weddings are notoriously difficult to organise. But something interesting is happening in the wedding market: Millennials are shaking it up according to And it’s thanks to millennials that what we consider to be a proper wedding today is vastly different from what a wedding was like just twenty-five years ago. Here’s why.

Millennials Made Weddings Into Full-Day Events

Weddings used to be a ceremony followed by a reception, and in some instances, just a service. But today’s weddings have become increasingly extravagant. Not only do the bride and groom host an after-party, but there’s often a prenup party too, early in the morning. More than two-thirds of modern couples say that they are planning to do something before saying “I do” on the day of their wedding.

The Ceremony Is Becoming Less Formal

Wedding ceremonies are becoming less formal as time wears on. Whereas traditional wedding ceremonies contained a lot of hymns and prayers and could last for more than an hour, today’s proceedings are a lot shorter, lasting just thirty minutes.

The Flowers Are Becoming More Themed


The cake. The ring. The band. The venue – there’s a lot of planning that goes into the average wedding. But what about the flowers? How do you make sure that you get the best flowers and that you can seriously impress when it comes to the big day?

Millennials today are more concerned than ever before with the theme of their wedding. Instead of choosing a theme that fits the flowers, it’s now the other way around. Flowers are just a small part of a much bigger decorative effort that includes all sorts of other adornments.

The Entertainment Is Becoming More Extravagant


One of the reasons millennials routinely underestimate the cost of their weddings is that they don’t understand the cost of entertainment. Fortunately, sites like are making things easier. But there’s no denying the fact that entertainment at weddings is becoming more extravagant. Many couples aren’t satisfied with just a DJ – they now want somebody to provide live music to a high standard.

Wedding Planning Is Moving Online

The idea that you could organise a wedding from your mobile device would have seemed a little far-fetched, even ten years ago. But today, things have changed enormously, and you can do just about anything you want through an app. You can, for instance, hire a band, organise the sending of invitations either electronically or through regular mail, and grab caterers.

Some couples take things even further than this, building their own wedding websites, dedicated to the big day. Wedding websites provide guests with details of the event, seating arrangements, and the general itinerary. With a website, you can upload videos too, introducing people to the venue, the couple or the location.

Weddings aren’t what they used to be. They will continue to evolve with the times. Weddings are becoming less formal but more costly than in the past. Are you planning a wedding?

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