Would You Move Your Whole Family Overseas For Work?

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Let’s face it – sometimes work is hard to come by. There are lots of reasons for this. Perhaps there aren’t enough opportunities in your area of expertise. Or maybe you live too far away to make the most of the best career driving jobs out there? Despite the technical capability for many companies to recruit remote workers, the vast majority of big businesses like their employees in-house. So what are your options?

Lots of countries have labour shortages, including our own! But if your strengths don’t match what is locally available, would you be willing to travel to another country to work? It might mean weeks or even months away from home at a time. Not many mums can face that. Of course, if your partner has to consider this kind of arrangement, perhaps they would be of a similar mindset? No matter who you are, your priorities will change from time to time. Needs must.

Regardless of which of you is looking for work right now, the thought of such a big lifestyle change for you all can be quite daunting. Still, the opportunity, and the pay, might be too tempting to ignore. Now you have to decide whether one goes, or you all go. This might depend on the country that is keen to recruit you. If you look at official-canada-eta.com, you can see that the visa and permits to work in Canada can come through really quickly. This might mean you snap the job up quickly and then worry about the long term arrangements later.

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The UK may be keen to attract more medical professionals, but places like Australia are looking for building and engineering specialists. Canada is suffering a tech skills shortage. If the skills match, perhaps it is worth considering a job hunt in those countries. There are, of course, many more job types that each country is keen to attract. Usually, there are age restrictions, and sometimes family groups are not part of the plan. Read the terms carefully before committing to anything.

Life with your partner overseas and in a different time zone is not easy to manage. There is a period of adjustment when they leave, and then another when you are reunited. Sometimes only the strongest family relationships survive this upheaval. Of course, packing everything up and heading to another country for a few months may be extremely overwhelming too. How will your kids cope, and what will you have to leave behind?

Some employers offer amazing resettlement packages that take the hassle and expense out of such a big move. That doesn’t make it any less emotional when you have to say goodbye to friends back home. When the whole family moves, you need to find new friends and a new support group so far from the extended family. Just arranging new schools and doctors can be quite challenging. Make sure the new employer is able to help you with all this. Their local knowledge will be invaluable.

So would you consider taking a role overseas? And would you be willing to move your entire family with you?


  1. Absolutely. Actually it’s part of my life in a very real capacity. In the past 7 years I have moved country 3 times over 2 continents. I have moved house 9 times (at least), and my next mov is due before Xmas. My husband is in construction management. Those are My moves. His include at least 2 more countries and significant time away from his kids.
    It was hard when they were tiny, but it’s getting harder as they get older – not always on the kids. But On our the marriage!
    Consider yes! Considerations list gets longer all the time though! This last decision has been the hardest!

    1. Yes I can imagine it getting harder and harder, the roots get a little thicker each time with growing awareness of what home is for the kids x

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