My Girl Gang

I have always been a great believer that friends are the family we chose for ourselves. I don’t have a sister and therefore I think this is really true when I talk about my best friend, Mase. Every now and again I get reminded of how important she is to me and how much I rely on her presence in my life.
These last couple of weeks have been a little stressful, nothing major and nothing that hasn’t already been solved. Never less I have been stressed. More than I should have been, I’m not sure why, I just didn’t cope as well as I usually do but instead of talking about it I bottled it all up. In my mind if I pretended I was ok then I must be true. I mean really! How stupid? I know that doesn’t work. As the week went on I made last minute plans to see her, forgetting I already had plans. This was the ‘cherry on top’ as they say. I don’t like letting people down, I don’t like being late, I don’t like forgetting things. So when I realised I had, I had a bit of an emotional wobble (I’m putting it mildly to make me feel better). Yes I could have cancelled Mase, she would have understood, but I knew her company was what I needed. When I arrived at her house, mascara tracks down my face, she didn’t hesitate in making it all ok. The kettle was on immediately, a hug was administered and we talked. Once I had finished we moved on. That was what I needed. Get it out and move on.
We haven’t spoken about my melt down since because she knows we don’t need to, I’m all good now. I have a few close friends in my life, but Mase is my closest. I am lucky enough to be able to say I am married to my best friend but if I’m honest Hubby is just one of my best friends. I will talk to him about everything and anything, we don’t have secrets, I would of course be lost without him too. However, sometimes it’s the comfort of the Girl Gang that I need.
This week our Girl Gang was back in full force. Our other close friend Tomo has come back before she moves to Mexico for 2 years to teach. We have all known each other since college but Tomo ended up teaching quite some distance away, and she loves to travel which means I often forget just how much I enjoy her company and how much she means to me. She had been in Mexico for a month when I first found out I was pregnant with Pinky and she was away in South America for a year when I had Perky and when Mase had her first. She is a braver, more adventurous person than I am and she will be greatly missed. At the very least she will be back during the summer holidays but hopefully a little sooner. Whenever it is, it will be as if she never left, except for the abundance of catching up we will have to do.
At school I struggled with girls, I found them bitchy and two faced. It never took much to fall out with them. Not all of them, of course, and I certainly wasn’t bullied, but those that hurt the most I don’t even follow on social media. I hold no grudge, it was a long time ago but it is important to surround yourself with the right people. Now I wouldn’t be without my girlfriends. Even those I only see sporadically as time and commitments permit. Friends are essential to our emotional wellbeing. They offer a special kind of support and often keep us grounded. They love us even though they really don’t have to. Then again, as my Christmas present from Mase stated last year ‘You know too much!’ This is true both ways, so together forever it is.
Much love to all my Girls, Pinky and Perky included. I’d be lost without all of you.

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