My Plans for 2017

I won’t lie I am looking forward to saying farewell to 2016. It has been a year of ups and downs for us in our household. Well the last 6 months have been anyway. It has often felt like one step forward and four steps back. Anything not 100% in our control has caused quite a few bumps in our road. In the general scheme of things we will, and mostly have bounced back. We all still have our health, which is also the most important thing (I am touching the thickest piece of wood now to make sure that lasts into 2017).

So, to concentrate on making 2017 a positive year I am planning on keeping things simple. I am finally coming to terms with not working (I will write about this properly soon), the house is starting to look how I want and the girls are getting older and more independent by the day.

I refuse to make new years resolutions because I feel that simply sets you up to fail. Instead I have a few things I would like to do more and a few things I would like to conquer for my own satisfaction.

  • I would like to go on more family walks at the weekends

We may have to drive to get to the good walking spots but it would be nice to get out into nature a little more often and with Hubby, not just me and the girls.

  • I would like to spend more time reading to the girls.

I simply don’t do this enough, they both love it so I want to make more time to do it with them.

  • I would like to concentrate on settling Pinky into school.

I know she isn’t keen on the idea of going, but I also know she will be fine. I just want to be able to concentrate on her needs outside of the school hours for the first few weeks.

  • I would like to go on a sugar flower course.

There are a lot of baking courses I want to do but this is top of my list.

  • I would like to eat in 2 of our ‘bucket list’ restaurants.

Hubby and I have many restaurants on our Bucket List so we may have to sit down and choose our next stop.

  • I would like to watch at least one film a month.

I used to watch films all the time. Now life and children seem to get in the way. I think 1 a month isn’t too unreasonable and is achievable.

  • I would like to dance with the girls more.

We all love to dance, although Pinky is the only one of us who can actually do it!

  • I would like to go to the zoo.

We planned on going earlier this year but we never made it. We kept pushing it back and now it is December and we simply aren’t going to get to go. So next year it is a must!

I think this will do for now. I want to keep things simple and I feel like I have. I have a habit of over complicating things and I don’t want to this time. We like to be busy and I think 2017 is going to be our busiest year yet, but that doesn’t mean we have to over complicate things unnecessarily.

Here’s to a happy 2017. Do any of you have anything big or simple on your list for next year?


  1. Those are perfect plans for 2017 and I think simple is good! Sometimes it’s hard to do the simplest things with two littles in tow though isn’t it? I can’t believe Pinky is in school next year. I’m sure it’ll be strange for you!

    2017 for me is still a bit of an unknown. We hope to move house and I need to sort out what I’ll do about work. My mat leave is over in April (boo!) and I’ve yet to speak to work about what I’ll do when I go back. I’m hoping for 3-4 days a week but they aren’t that flexible usually. Let’s see!!

    I agree with you on dancing more and watching films. I miss cinema nights!

    1. Oh boo! Maternity leaving is the worst. I hope they can be a little flexible with you. It’s so much harder when it effects 2 children…. Then you end up like me…. Not being able to go to work due to childcare costs!

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