Netflix – My Recomendations – Season 2

Netflix recommendations - What I have been watching. Wondering what to binge watch next on Netflix? Looking for a new series that will keep you hooked. Check out my recommendations.

Netflix recommendations - What I have been watching. Wondering what to binge watch next on Netflix? Looking for a new series that will keep you hooked. Check out my recommendations.

It has been just over a month since I wrote my first Netflix recommendations post.  That post went down very well with all you readers and I absolutely loved writing it. One thing I did learn from it and from all your lovely comments was that I watch far too much TV. I think I had 2 suggestions I haven’t yet watched. Currently I a unsure if I should be proud or appalled?  So moving on swiftly, here are my next 5 Netflix recommendations.


Oh this lovable rouge! What can I say about you? Dexter is the main character in a Miami based thriller. The pretext of this program is that Dexter is a forensic scientist for the Police who tracks down the villains and murders them. Since he is forensic scientist and works for the police he is mostly able to cover his tracks. Each episode has a different storyline but there is a bigger story that flows throughout each season. Then, of course, there is the over all story of will he or won’t he get caught?

The truth is I was really sceptical about watching this. I mean really? A psychopathic forensic scientist who kills criminals? Sounds bloody far fetched doesn’t it? Well it is. However it is written and directed in such a way that you can fully buy into it all. The back story is well formed. The relationships between all the characters are believable. It doesn’t take long for you to be 100% behind Dexter and hoping he gets his next kill. This will mess with your morals in a way no other program has done before.

Be mindful that this is rated 18. It is full of blood guts and gore in many places. The first episode really took my by surprise. It was gruesome! After this, it does calm down a bit but consider yourself warned.

The end of season 4 had me in floods of tears. WHY? Why did that have to happen??? Ok, I was 7 months pregnant and extremely emotional when I watched it. But really? I still don’t think I am over it. But now I am writing about it I am desperate to go and start Dexter all over again.

Stranger Things

I promise I will put something a little lighter hearted in soon. Has anyone not heard of this? Are there many left who haven’t seen it? If you haven’t seen it and are wondering if this is worth the hype? It is. Simple.

Sadly only one season has been made so far so it won’t satisfy your binge watching for long.  But when you do watch it you will get cross at any interruption to your viewing. I don’t mind a little creepy but paranormal isn’t usually my thing but this was different. I think because this program really hooks you in with the story anything creepy is almost a bonus. It works with the story and doesn’t distract.

Never again will I look at coloured Christmas lights in the same way!

Designated Survivor

This is another series that only has 1 season but it is worth starting. Staring Kiefer Sutherland this is action packed but without the insanity of 24. The premise is that when the US government all gather together to pass whatever laws they are trying to pass. Or whatever it is they do. There is a designated survivor. One member of congress (I think that is the right one) that is taken to undisclosed location and kept safe. You know…. Just in case someone blows up the Capitol building. Well you’ll never guess what happens! Someone blows them all up. Cue Kiefers character becoming the president by proxy.

Ok, I know I am being a bit sarcastic about it all but to be honest I loved it. I was ready to hate it but I just couldn’t. I really want to know what happens next. Is it one of my all time favourites? No. But I really did enjoy it.

Once Upon a Time

This had been around for a long time before I started watching it. Also, loads of people had said I would like it but I just didn’t listen. This is based on all the fairy tales we already know. It stars Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and the Evil Queen among hundreds of other characters.

Somehow this completely works. The writers have twisted and tweaked most of the tales to fit a modern audience and in some cases I actually prefer this take on the stories. They all roll into one and mix in this explosion of magical imagination. This is not completely family friendly as it is quite dark in places but I often watch this with Ellie. She loves it because she knows who a lot of the characters are from her Disney films. Any bit she doesn’t like she goes off and plays with her toys for a bit before coming back when the peril is resolved.

Orange is the New Black

This is a huge one. I don’t know many people that haven’t watched at least the first 2 seasons of this. A nice middle class girl finds herself mixed up with the wrong sort and then imprisoned. Ok, so as the story goes on you realise she isn’t as nice as she thinks she is and quite frankly made some very dubious decisions that led to that point. Then again I think we can all relate to the dubious decisions on some level.

This series follows the lives of the women in prison. Each episode offers a different back story for each of the prisoners and depending on your take on some of it but it is a tale of two halves. Yes they have all done something criminal but in many cases you get the feeling that every decision these women made were done with the innocence of the best intentions. Not always though. Some of them are just pure evil.

Until next time…

So that concludes my second instalment of recommendations. I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps found something you haven’t seen yet and would like to give a go. Keep your recommendations coming to me. Obviously I am always on the look out for more things to watch. I am far from exhausting Netflix but I am running out of inspiration.

Netflix recommendations - What I have been watching. Wondering what to binge watch next on Netflix? Looking for a new series that will keep you hooked. Check out my recommendations.



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