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Netflix Recommendations. A bit stuck for what to watch next? Are you looking for a good Netflix series to binge watch? Have you seen these Netflix Series yet? #Netflix #NetflixRecommendations

I make no secret about my Netflix addiction. It is an affliction but these days I crave a little Netflix time. This could be more to do with the need for some ‘me time’ away from the kids, or it could be that I am genuinely addicted. Either way the side effect of this addiction is that I can share plenty of Netflix Recommendations with my readers. These are things I have watched and loved myself. I usually know within one episode if I am going to enjoy something, basically if the pilot doesn’t catch me then I am not going to be very patient whilst the story gets going.

There have been exceptions to this rule such as Sense 8. That definitely took a few episodes to get going but it was well worth the wait…. Seriously Netflix why did you cancel it???

So what have I been watching lately? Well this post includes a couple of different things from my usual gritty dramas and thrillers that can be found in Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

Netflix Recommendations. A bit stuck for what to watch next? Are you looking for a good Netflix series to binge watch? Have you seen these Netflix Series yet? #Netflix #NetflixRecommendations

Netflix Recommendations

Gossip Girl

This is so not my usual sort of thing to watch but I wanted something a little mind numbing but still gripping. I had heard good things about Gossip Girl so I figured it was worth a try.

Well it has been a pleasant surprise. I haven’t completed all of the seasons yet (no spoilers please) and whilst they are all essential rich, spoilt kids I am already invested in how their stories pan out.

The best thing about this is that it is easy watching but it holds your attention enough to follow the storylines.

Netflix Recommendations. A bit stuck for what to watch next? Are you looking for a good Netflix series to binge watch? Have you seen these Netflix Series yet? #Netflix #NetflixRecommendations

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

This series is amazing. And best of all it is one for all the family. Ok, my two are too young but I didn’t worry about putting it on my iPad whilst I was cooking and thinking the kids might hear or see some of it as the language is clean. I first became familiar with this story when I saw the Jim Carrey film a few years ago and I loved it back then. This Netflix version is so much better.

It goes into the story further and each episode is full of comedy, peril and genius. The acting is some of the best around and with so many faces from sit coms it is great trying to locate where you have seem everyone before. The dry humour and pan faced concern for the Beaudelaire children of the narrator, Lemony Snicket, really adds to the atmosphere.


This is an odd one and I wondered if I should recommend it. But it did hook me in so here goes…. Gypsy is all about an average American woman, married with kids. She works as a psychologist and, like many of us, is seemingly just trying to hold her life together whilst navigating the full time working mum thing. However, underneath the appearance she is leading a double life essentially stalking the person causing one of her patience emotional distress. The lies she tells and the situations she puts herself in make me really uncomfortable. As does the cliched relationship of her husband and his PA. Seriously… isn’t there a more inventive storyline? But despite this it does grab your imagination and whilst I don’t like the main character I did find myself wondering if she would be able to keep this up, and almost wanting her to.

Bates Motel

I first found this over on Sky but was super excited to see it appear on Netflix so I could binge watch it (such a healthy habit I’m sure). This is the story of Norman Bates, the killer from the story Psycho. Bates Motel is a drama series that follows Normans life from his high school years from the time his mother relocates them and moves into the famous house from the film. It depicts a young man who is seemly normal but a little socially awkward and the strange and slightly inappropriate relationship he has with his mother. As the seasons go on you can slowly see him transcend into the psychopath we are familiar with.

The relationship with his mother is the greatest part of this. Anyone who keeps the body of their deceased mother in her room for decades clearly has some issues. This series really makes you believe the final version of Norman Bates we know.

One To Avoid…..

In the interest of balance I thought I would add in a series that I have been disappointed with. In this instance I think this was a series that was overrated and really didn’t live up to expectations. So much so, I gave up on it very quickly…

Seven Seconds

I had such high hopes for this and I am willing to be told I was wrong to give up, but, seriously this was so slow to get going. It has the plot line to be a great drama but the execution is too slow paced and none of the characters are well rounded enough to really make you root for them and their cause.

Netflix Recommendations. A bit stuck for what to watch next? Are you looking for a good Netflix series to binge watch? Have you seen these Netflix Series yet? #Netflix #NetflixRecommendations


  1. Ooh I’ve been looking for Netflix recommendations – I’m on bed rest at the moment due to a fractured pelvis and I’m getting soooo bored!

  2. I have read the Lemony Snicket books but strangely I haven’t yet seen any of the films! I might have to look into that and have a movie night with the kids. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. Hello from a fellow Netflix addict! I love Bates Motel too but I’ve not seen the others. I’ve been watching Black Mirror and Girl Boss and enjoying both of those.xx

  4. Thanks for the recommendations.. with a baby on the way I’m expecting lots of night feeds so might need something to get me through 🙂

  5. Thanks for haring these I enjoyed the Series of Unfortunate Events book so I will have to check this one out for sure. Love Netflix!

  6. I binge watched Bates Motel and loved it! Series of Unfortunate Events has been catching my eye and I need to start watching it! Thank you for the recommendations so I have something to watch tonight!

  7. Gypsy! I started watching it but I didn’t understand it! It seemed to weird a concept and i kept thinking i was missing something! I never knew what Bates Motel was! I LOVE American Psycho! I will have to watch it now…thanks for introducing my next binge session! Have you seen Glow? It sounds a bit unlikely as a concept but it’s really funny… about a Girls Wrestling Team in the 80s…but it’s really funny and they’re all misfits! If you ever saw Mad Men you won’t believe who plays the main character…or recognise her! #thursdayteam

  8. I love Bates Motel! I’m so excited they’ve added another season. We’ve just been binge watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race before they remove most of the seasons.

  9. I am not watching any of those series! But I am still on Friends and loving it! Netflix is a dangerous thing to have when you are supposed to be on a diet LOL. I just want to sit on my ass all day long!

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