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If you follow me on Instagram, or read my book reviews then you will know that I am a fan of crime stories. Real and fictional. I watch true crime and crime thrillers. I listen to true crime podcasts and I read crime thriller novels. Truthfully I couldn’t tell you why I like the genre so much. Perhaps it is because it is so far removed from who I am as a person and the cellular little world that I live in, on a day to day basis. But, whatever the reason, I love nothing more than discussing my latest find with anyone who will listen. And right now that is you, my dear reader.

You should note that all of these documentaries on Netflix come with warnings that the subject matter may not be suitable for everyone. They contain details of murder and abuse. But if you are reading this then maybe you aren’t phased anyway.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

This hard hitting documentary follows the famous case of the disappearance of, three year old, Madeleine McCann from her holiday villa in Portugal in 2007.

The film begins right at the beginning, with the night Madeline goes missing. You hear recounts of witness statements and interviews with various guests of the resort, locals, the ex Portuguese police chief, and other people involved in the case in various forms. You hear from past suspects and you hear the opinions of expert witnesses.

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No stone is left unturned in uncovering all of the events surrounding this case and other similar cases, or strange occurrences from that time in that area of Portugal.

Be prepared to have everything you think you know about our safe Europe turned on its head. Nowhere is truly safe.

I have always been in the camp of believing the parents had nothing to do with the events that unfurled. And to be honest this documentary has simply affirmed that opinion for me. Yes, their innocence needed to be questioned and at one point I honestly thought that I had it wrong and they were guilty. However, now I have finished it I am back to my original assumption that Madeline was taken. Were the parents innocent of neglect? No, probably not. But I’m not convinced they killer her. I like to think that we will one day find out exactly what happed to her. Where she is now. But I don’t know if that is just an eternal optimism speaking.

The parents of Madeleine, Gerry and Kate, declined to take part in this series whilst the investigation is still open and ongoing. When I first found that out I couldn’t quite understand it. But now I have seen some of what they were put through as grieving parents, by the media and by the Portuguese police, I feel I do empathise with their reluctance to talk out further.

This is a tough watch, but one I highly recommend.

Evil Genius

A man walks into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck. And the rest that follows is insane.

I would firstly like to issue a warning that there is one incredibly graphic scene in this that I didn’t expect to be there. I thought the camera would cut and it doesn’t.

Evil Genius follows a Bank Heist gone wrong. In 2003, Brian Wells, a pizza delivery guy walked into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck. How did he come to be there? Who else was involved.

This will take you down a rabbit hole of narcissistic depravity and cross the paths of people so evil you will learn that monsters are real and they walk among us. With people like Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, who needs stories of the Bogeyman?

Abducted In Plain Site

Jan Broburg was abducted by Bob Berchtold, a family friend. Not once. But twice.

Right from under her parents noses this man took Jan as a young girl away from her family and kept her hostage, brain washed her and abused her. After the first incident you would be forgiven for thinking this family would have the man arrested, or at the very least keep him away from their daughter. But that didn’t happen.

Much of this story just doesn’t add up. That said I have often wondered if it is because I am judging some of this on todays standards. Don’t get me wrong. The Parents should have done more to protect Jan. They failed her completely. Twice. However, the thing I struggle with the most is that they didn’t know about the brain washing and abuse. After the initial kidnapping Jan was, somewhat, left to get on with life when she returned and no emotional support seems to have been offered to find out what really happened during her imprisonment. That is the part I struggle with the most. The emotional burden a minor was dealing with all on her own. Everyone admitted she was different when she returned but no one seemed to really dig at why. Imagine the heartache she could have been spared if more had been done on her return.

Ted Bundy

Charismatic, good looking, well spoken, intelligent. The problem? He’s a serial killer, rapist, kidnapping necrophile.

Ted Bundy is one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. His reign of terror stretched from Washington State down to Florida. He was active over a number of years and even escaped from custody on two separate occasions.

This man is so depraved it is difficult to comprehend. Eventually he was executed in the State of Florida, under the conviction of thirty separate victims, five of which survived. However it is believed he is guilty of many more crimes but has yet to linked to them.

As we follow his trail of destruction and learn of his modus operandi it becomes incomprehensible that he was able to get away with so many murders for so long before authorities finally caught up with him.

An absolute must watch.

Making a Murderer | Season 2

I have already covered this documentary in other Netflix posts which are linked below so I won’t spend too much time waffling on. However, I absolutely had to include this in a True Crime Documentary round up as the story is still unfolding.

After the first Season I was full of enough reasonable doubt to know that if I were part of Steven Avery’s Jury I would not have convicted him with the evidence presented by the film makers. However after watching Season Two I am so convinced of his over all innocence. I just can understand why he is still incarcerated.

The lawyer he has working for him now is a force to be reckoned with. She is old school. And she is the epitome of the word ‘fierce’. You think Ted Bundy is scary? Well she would have eaten him for breakfast.

There is that wonderful phrase; “There is no smoke without fire.” It isn’t a phrase I hold in particularly high regard but incase you do then you really should watch Season 2. I think there is definitely smoke coming around Steven Avery, there is definitely reason for the police to head in that direction and to look at him for the murder of Teresa Halbach. But he is not the fire.

I can not wait to see which direction this tale goes in.

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I am always on the lookout for a great new series to get stuck into to leave me a comment below with your recommendations or message me on Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Watching.

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