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Netflix Recommendations. A bit stuck for what to watch next? Are you looking for a good Netflix series to binge watch? Have you seen these Netflix Series yet? #Netflix #NetflixRecommendations

With the school holidays upon is it is even more vital that we find ways to relax when the kids go to bed. Whilst many like to read, my go to is Netflix. I am never bored with Netflix in my life. As a seasoned and expert watcher I feel it is only fair to share with you all the shows I think you should be watching. So here goes. Here are my Netflix recommendations, what’s hot to watch.

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Safe is a family drama based in the UK. One night a young girls goes missing from inside her gated community. No one can get in or out without being seen. So where did she go? When her boyfriend turns up dead concern for her safety increases. As her father desperately tries to find her he uncovers family secrets he never knew where there. But the daughter did.


This program is gritty, compelling and it draws you in. With danger around every corner and most of the people not being all they seem it is hard to turn this one off. It would be rude of me not to mention how well Micheal C. Hall (Dexter) pulls off the British accent in this, a real talent. I won’t lie, he is the reason I wanted to watch this, that and because Amanda Abbingdon was also starring in it. I find them both very talented actors.

The Rain

The Rain had to feature in this “What’s Hot” list because I watched it all in one day. This was the visual equivalent to the book you can’t put down. I was gripped within the first 10 minutes and despite it being quite heavy going I couldn’t turn it off, I had to know what happens. I haven’t had a binge watching session like that since my early 20’s.

The Rain is a Scandinavian drama set in the near future. It is subtitled but I believe you can select it to be dubbed if you prefer. A scientific company have been trying to find a cure for a virus but instead they manage to infect the planet around them and now Mother Nature is pouring down rain that will kill anyone it touches, or who breathes it in. The twists and turns of this story makes for compelling watching. As we follow the main characters, a brother and sister, who survive on their own in a bunker for many years before going to see how much of their world is left. Their journey takes them on a dangerous crusade of survival and a quest for answers.

The Rain is a cautionary tale for all of mankind to pay more attention to what we are doing to our planet as individuals and to really question what corporations are doing. Can you read between the lines of what you are told? Can you spot an ulterior motive when you hear one? At what point are scientists going too far?

Good Girls

For a feel good watch it has got to be Good Girls. This is not without it’s drama and peril but as you follow the story of these three ladies on their quest to support their families financially you can’t help but want them to be successful. As one fights a cheating, lying husband for divorce, another is in the middle of a custody battle. And the third needs money to pay for her daughters kidney treatment and transplant to save her life.

Sounds a bit heavy going doesn’t it. But it isn’t really. It is so well written that each episode is a mixture of jaw dropping drama and laugh out loud funny. With the ladies saying and doing things we all wish we had the courage to ourselves (look out for a snotty teenage boy getting his verbal arse kicking).

We may not all have so much drama in our lives but the best thing about this show is that all of the characters are so relatable. We all do our best for our family, we all want everyone to be happy. But what would you do when the s**t hits the fan? How far would you go to get yourself out of a hole and to save your lifestyle as you know it? Can we all honestly say we wouldn’t take desperate measures when backed into a corner?

The Staircase

Did he or didn’t he? This documentary divided me and my husband. We each lay on different sides, one for the defence and one for the prosecution. That was until the end and certain evidence came to light, then my husband saw my way of thinking.

This documentary follows the life of one man as he tries to prove he didn’t murder his wife. The footage picks up only a couple of days after the incident and all the blood spatter is still there and captured. It is hard to deny it doesn’t look like she simply fell down the stairs. The evidence seems stacked against him but he is adamant he didn’t do it. I’ll let you make up your own mind but I will say this. I was unsure. I didn’t feel the evidence was conclusive and there was certainly enough reasonable doubt. Just. But then the BioMechanical Specialist gave evidence and then I decided for certain.

Innocent or Guilty? You decide.

The Forest

This is a French Drama and another with subtitles. I was a bit torn about including this one because it is good and bad in equal measure but I’m all for balance and I think you should make up your own mind.

I love the story behind this one. One girl goes missing and turns up dead. Then two of her friends disappear. How well do you know your children or your partner or your neighbour? As the secrets of the girls lives unravel and the community around them the viewing becomes compelling. It has the usual ingredients: a brand new head of police trying to find his way, affairs, lies, secrets. Everything you would want in a good drama.

But; and there is a big “but” for me. It isn’t very believable. Not the story itself but how the investigation is conducted and the roles each character plays. I don’t know if the French police just work this way (I doubt it) but from what I know about most countries is that if an Officer becomes personally involved in a case they are taken straight off it. So the daughter of one of the police officers goes missing she would have been taken off the case. And then, without releasing a huge spoiler, when an even bigger revelation is discovered she still remains on the case. Nope. That wouldn’t happen and her emotion gets in the way of the story for me. So whilst I love a good drama, this one goes too. It feels confused with a subtle undertone of the supernatural. The French do the supernatural so well as demonstrated in The Returned but this isn’t what the Forest is about so the point seems a little redundant. The story is good and it is worth your attention but be prepared for an exercise in suspending your disbelief.

(I couldn’t find a trailer for this with British subtitles but it definitely plays with them.)

Stay Tuned….

Naturally my Netflix viewing is continuing and I will be back soon with more recommendations.

So tell me, what are you watching at the moment? What should I be checking out?



  1. Oh, we loved The Rain. It was gripping and so unique. We’re currently watching The Staircase. We’d listened to the BBC Podcast about it – Beyond Reasonable Doubt. And i’m fascinated by the case. It is so hard to call but I think he’s guilty too. I haven’t seen the others so i’ll have to go and check them out. Thanks for a great post. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    1. I’ve not heard the podcast but if you like podcasts like that have you listened to Serial? It is amazing and I am now listening to Undisclosed which is some lawyers discussing the case. I’m so hooked.

  2. These all sound right up my street! You’re seriously tempting me to get Netflix – we have Amazon Prime, so we love a good series on there, but there are so many now that are only on one or the other. Love the sound of The Staircase – I love a good ‘did he do it’ one. And I loved The Returned too, so I’d definitely give The Forest a go (Im not too fussed by believeability!)

  3. We’ve not long finished The Staircase and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was so many twists and turns but I was with Michael. I won’t ruin it for others but for me, one of the scientists made my mind up for me.. As a former scientist that person was laughable!

  4. I don’t really watch much tv, i prefer to read. However the staircase is something that has caught my attention, oh and the rain too! I could be on netflix tonight finding these.!

  5. I’ve actually been looking for the next thing to watch after getting through all of Game of Thrones on NOW TV. We also have Netflix *please don’t judge lol. Good girls looks great and I’ve added this to my list to watch. I did have my eye on it before, but it came across as being pretty heavy for after work watching.. But let’s see.. The staircase also looks like an intriguing one.!

  6. Ohhhhh I LOVED Safe when I watched it a few weeks ago…. It really did draw me in.

    Netflix is dominated by the kids in our house and when they go to bed… I tend to turn the tv off. I’ll give some of your other suggestions a go though… IF I ever get time. Haha!

  7. I’m always on Netflix so can’t believe I haven’t seen any of these. Going to have to give them a go now though.


  8. This is great. I am always looking for new things to watch.

    I’m currently watching Scorpion and Gotham. Although it won’t be long before I a caught up on both of those.

    Thanks for the recommendations.


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