Nursery Décor: Create a Relaxing Space for Your Newborn

Your little sunshine is on the way and all you think about is how to create the best possible room for them to relax and have wonderful naps. We all agree that sleep is a commodity for parents when their newborn arrives, but it is also a key element in the baby’s development. Even though it may seem that the babies are not that aware of the world around them, the truth is that they recognize colors, sounds and shapes. Decades of psychological studies have shown that all these stimuli can affect the baby’s mood and behavior, as well as health.

It is best to have the nursery all ready before the newborn arrives, so that you can enjoy lots and lots of quality time and wonderful moments together as a family.

Make it comfortable

The nursery is a room where you and the baby will spend the most time together in the first months. Therefore, as much as it needs to be comfortable for your newborn, it has to be relaxing enough for you, too. A big, plush rocking chair with ergonomically adjusted points will be heaven during times for breastfeeding or putting your baby to sleep.

Use soft carpets where you can rest your feet and sit down comfortably or even do some stretching yoga moves while you keep an eye on your child. If there is enough room, place an insanely comfortable sofa so you can take a nap at the same time as the baby.

Plan the light carefully

Light is very important for the nursery. The most important is to use dimmers if you want to transition from low to high brightness with one lamp or chandelier. Task lighting is perfect for changing diapers and all those delicate activities requiring higher illumination.

Nevertheless, the most valuable of all is sunlight. Install a big window and use shades instead of curtains to keep it simple and choose fabrics which will filter the light. Sunlight is very important for vitamin D production and to elevate the mood, something a tired parent can greatly appreciate to their own and the baby’s benefit.

Colors play an important part

All colors have an impact on us, even those we call neutral. Warm colors bring out coziness and comfort, they can boost energy, like orange, and happiness, like yellow. However, if you want to create a relaxing environment for the nursery, use them in moderation.

Warm colors don’t go well with your already energetic baby. But some pink and purple can be a nice and cheerful detail, while red may be a little too much. Yellow paired with blue and green is naturally appealing. However, instead of using it on the walls consider a carpet with a few yellow or orange tones, since the baby can’t see it from the crib and therefore it won’t influence their liveliness.

On the other hand, cool colors will create the illusion of spaciousness and have a calming effect on the occupants. Light tones will remind you of the summer sky and picturesque green valleys. Darker tones alternatively can be too dramatic and gloomy, which is far from relaxing. Pairing cool tones with creamy neutral colors will brighten up the space and create a soothing design where you can easily put your child to sleep, and even get some shuteye yourself.

Leave some clear space

It’s easy to get lost in decorating that you forget to leave some clear space. This is very important if you don’t want to trip over something when you come to the nursery in the middle of the night. It’s quite normal to clutter the nursery at first with presents and tons of things you think you need, it’s happened to all of us.

You’ll catch up pretty fast and now all those unnecessary items should go. This doesn’t mean you should throw away those things – their time will come. So, try finding some storage solutions that are more and more popular in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and other Australian cities.

This way, you will declutter the space and still get to keep all the gifts and things you bought yourself while you were nesting.


When you start decorating your nursery, think of all those things that make you relax and include them, too. As parents, you will spend a lot of time there in the beginning and it is important that you are also relaxed and in a good mood, since babies can sense stress. Instead of buying too many toys and gadgets, which the child will already receive as visitors’ presents, create a small piece of paradise for your family and enjoy parenthood.

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