October was a strange month as it started in Greece. Having flown out at the end of September for a two week holiday we were well on our way to relaxing (well as much as you can with two young children). It was our special blow out holiday to celebrate us both turning 30 over the next couple of months. Both the girls were amazing on the plane. Pinky sat and watched some Disney Junior programs on the iPad (yes we used screens to keep her entertained for a 3 hour flight. No we don’t see a problem with that as she was amazingly well behaved and happy to given the chance to sit and watch it for that long) and Perky fell asleep on me for nearly an hour. It’s the first time in nearly 5 months she has fallen asleep on me as she is so good in her cot at self soothing. It was actually really lovely and special even if I did get a dead arm! The holiday resort was very secluded from the outside but enormous inside. The hotel we were in, a marina and so many beaches and restaurants. We were never stuck for things to do even the couple of times it rained and the food was delicious. The first week was spent mostly together which was lovely, we don’t get much time just the four of us. We used the crèche the second week, and more than we had intended as they both seemed to have so much fun there, we booked extra sessions. We even had a babysitter on two nights so got to spend some much needed time just the two of us. Talking mostly about the girls, obviously! It was lovely to watch them both have so much fun, with us and together. The girls seemed to grow closer each day which was delightful to watch. They have never shared a room before the holiday so this was a bit of a novelty for them. The first few mornings Pinky woke Perky up by leaning over the side of the cot from her bed, shouting her little sisters name until she woke. Fortunately the novelty soon wore off and they slept happily and peacefully in the same room. Swimming was a favourite. Pinky had this blind confidence in the water and we have no idea where it has come from. Past 9 months old she hasn’t regularly swam, and normally she is a naturally cautious girl, but in the water she was just so relaxed and happy to see what she was capable of. I sat with Perky on the sun beds for most of the swimming as the pool was a little cold. Perky was a huge hit with the staff (waitress service at the pool and beach…. Everywhere should have this). They loved her rolls of baby fat and the huge gummy smile she would give them. They often took her for little walks on their way round, bringing her back 5 minutes later all giggles and happy wiggles. This helped as I think sitting with mummy was boring after a while. But as all holidays must come to an end so must this one. Again the girls were amazing on the flight home. Not a noise from either of them.
Daddy going back to work was a shock to the system, as I knew it would be, so the rest of October was fairly subdued for me and the girls. That is with exception of a cocktail party that we hosted. G’ma and Grumps had the girls for most of the day Saturday and over night. I made lots of sweet and savoury canapés. This helped me get my need to bake out of the way in one big bulk! Then I spent the night making cocktails for friends with lots of laughter and catching up. It was a lovely evening. The cocktails flowed and everyone was in the mood for a party. The hangover the next day was less welcome but mine was far more manageable than Hubby’s. He had no idea how much he had drunk. He was trying to be helpful by drinking ‘whatever I was making’ but this meant a lot of mixing alcohol. The menu for the evening was Cosmopolitans, Singapore slings, Gimlets and Mai Tais.
The party was well timed I think. Hubby/Daddy turned 30 the Wednesday after. He didn’t want to celebrate it, I think he has really struggled leaving his 20’s behind, but even he isn’t sure why. So I didn’t plan anything particular. I thought it would be nice for all of us to take him out for dinner on his birthday as a surprise anywhere he wanted. I got the girls bathed in the afternoon and put on their party dresses, just like we did for dinner on holiday so Pinky loved this! When he got home we gave him his present and cards and took him out to the local pub (his choice). It was an anticlimax for a ‘big’ birthday but it was what he wanted. Luckily we had the cocktail party before and then tickets to the London NFL games the two weekends after. So maybe really what he got for his birthday was a lot of bonus time with just his wife.
The last week of October was half term. We stayed in most of the week as it was time for potty training. Pinky had it sorted in 2 days. No accidents since… Yes I’m smug. But mostly I think I just timed it perfectly for her. Bit of luck, bit of judgement lots of stars on a star chart.

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