Operation Tear Prevention – Daddy

Children all have their soothers. Some have dummies, teddy bears, blankets. Pinky and Perky have Mr Rabbit and a Muzzy. Mr Rabbit, is a small rabbit holding onto a small blanket and at all costs is never on his own. Muzzy is a stuffed teddy dog head stitched into a small blanket, again, never ever seen without it. A familiar tale to you all I am sure.

I roll to day 4 of our holiday. The big one was being a touch high maintenance. We had great plans for a long(ish) evening eating food and drinking beer so I took her for a tactical walk in the little one’s pushchair. First off, she wasn’t impressed, luckily we managed to get her in, belted up and we were away. 10 minutes later in 30 degree heat and dodgy Spanish footpaths the shouting for mummy finally stopped. BOOM, she was asleep. Phase one complete, now just to keep her asleep. Easy – Keep walking. The heat had got the better of me, I had lost the will to keep walking so stopped by a local watering hole. ‘Juan’ (No idea what his name was but he responded to it.) kindly came to my rescue with a large, cold beer. 2 mouthfuls later I decide to take a peak beneath the sun shade of the pushchair. I said something along the lines of “OF F**K, WHERE IS MR F***ING RABBIT”Blood pressure up, ring the wife… “Please tell me you have Mr Rabbit?” “No, she had him when she left”.  I throw an entire beer down my neck, (I was brought up NEVER to leave beer.) Throw 3 Euros on the table (A rip-off, the beer is nasty and I am sure watered down due to the low levels of bubbles rising up the glass) and start to retrace my steps at a similar pass to Usian Bolt whilst surveying the horizon like a sniper. Minutes later I found him. Phew!

Lying next to the supermarket, enjoying the sun. The little fucker nearly gave me a heart attack.

All through this mayhem, the big one is fast asleep, non-the-wiser we had lost and found the most precious thing she has in her life. Well, nearly but it helps her sleep.

What did I learn? Nothing… nothing that I wasn’t aware of already and just by luck all was well. I feel for every parent that has been in this situation and not had the luck to recover the comforter. If I would have my time again, I woudl go out of my way to stop a child having a ‘soother’ at the very beginning. At some point we will lose Mr Rabbit, and that will be a sad day in our house.

Until next time, buenas noches.


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