Parents Survival Kit for the School Holidays

Every Parent needs this survival kit for the school holidays. When school breaks and you need to entertain your children with various activities, make sure you are well equip with these items for yourself.

Every Parent needs this survival kit for the school holidays. When school breaks and you need to entertain your children with various activities, make sure you are well equip with these items for yourself.

How is it possible that the Easter Holidays are upon us already? Or again? Lets be honest the last 12 months have flown by. Now I love my daughters dearly. I really do. However I fear the holidays like no other time. Yes we are all tired and yes we all need a break. But the truth is those hours that Ellie is out of the house really helps us all reset with each other. We need that time apart to enjoy being together. Is that just me?

I understand that I don’t yet know what has hit me. With Ellie only being at preschool 15 hours a week and not yet in full time education I have limited right to dread the holidays. But I do dread them. Honestly they are becoming a genuine phobia.

I have come to the conclusion that the holidays are a con invented by schools. Everyone needs the odd week off and having that time at regular intervals is recommended. But they don’t need 2 weeks at time and they certainly don’t need SIX WHOLE WEEKS BACK TO BACK IN THE SUMMER! Can you small the fear yet?  I think schools do this to calm to moaning parent. To soothe the irritated child. Are you fed up with a teachers approach to your child, or lack of approach? Is you child sick to death of the sight of the classroom, their friends, the teachers? Well there is nothing like appreciating what you have than being forced to spend time with your family when you wouldn’t normally. And like all parents I will no doubt approach the holidays with the energetic enthusiasm of a doping gymnast only to realise that during the school holidays everywhere is busier, everywhere is more expensive and everywhere is pretty much crap.

In the interest of surviving this next two week period of torture time together I have formulated a Mums Survival Kit. A selection of must have items all mums need to get through this difficult time.


Get that chocolate out. Open it when the kids aren’t looking and can’t hear. Make sure it is a family size because you are going to need all the endorphins it can release! No this won’t help with your diet but there are bigger forces at work here people!

What? You thought this was for the kids? No, it’s for you. Oh please don’t tell me anyone was foolish enough to give chocolate up for lent? I hope anyone that did at least did it to raise money for charity? No? Well shame on you.


It makes no difference what your go to drink it but stock up on it. Immediately. Currently mine is gin but just to be on the safe side I also have red and white wine being delivered. You can never be too cautious.


Make sure that subscription is up to date. You are going to need Auntie Netflix! For both you and the kids. Don’t kid yourself, there are only so many times you can get the glitter and paints out, you are not a blue peter presenter. Embrace who you are.

Hungry House on Speed Dial (Other delivery services are available) 😉

Now I am a huge home baker. I make as much from scratch as I can. But even I need a night off sometimes and often this desperate need for a rest takes me by surprise. Get that delivery on speed dial and save yourself some time and stress. It also means if you are out and about actually enjoying yourselves you can phone in an order before heading home. If you time it right you will all but have dinner on the table when you get home.


You will require copious amounts of this. In any form you like. Hell, get it in all forms to be certain. You should be warned the chances are that this will loose effect in the second week which is why you will need so much. You will be doubling up.

So there is my survival kit. I think if you follow my simple steps the holidays should pass without too much pain. If you drink enough gin may not even remember it! Have I missed anything?


Every Parent needs this survival kit for the school holidays. When school breaks and you need to entertain your children with various activities, make sure you are well equip with these items for yourself.



  1. I needed to read this. I feel slight (HUGE) trepidation as the Easter holidays loom upon me. Chocolate is a definite bribe. Great list #bigpinklink

  2. I should bookmark this for once school starts! Mind you, we already have lots of these tricks up my sleeve – Netflix (or Amazon Prime Video for us) is an absolute essential! Missing the alcohol these days, and the caffeine too – the days can be loooong! #bigpinklink

  3. I actually love the school holidays (strange, I know!) but this made me laugh. I definitely stock up on chocolate and save up for meals out during them to help me through 😉 #bigpinklink

  4. Hahah this is funny. I sort of dread half term/holidays etc but only because everything stops and I feel anxious about being lonely and bored. I’m visiting my parents this week so that’s a bit of an escape for me! #bigpinklink

  5. Haha I love this! Well sadly I am allergic to caffeine and I’m off the alcohol, so chocolate and Netflix it is!! I’ve eaten three wispas today already! It’s ridiculous! #bigpinklink

  6. My little boy is only one so I’m yet to understand what it means to survive the school holidays but you’ve basically just described how I survived maternity leave! #bigpinklink

  7. I’m not looking forward to this either, but am hopeful that the weather will warm up a bit so I can just throw her outside. I also already have an overnight scheduled at grammy’s house. Another essential if you are able #bigpinklink

  8. Bahahaha! You are not alone!! The holidays can always be a bit of a shaky time for us. A bit like the little girl with the girl in the middle of her forehead, when it’s good, it’s brilliant, when it’s bad it’s HORRID!! I do love getting my big girl back though. Even if she does get bored & annoying very quickly! Thanks for co-hosting the #bigpinklink xxx

  9. Haha! This cracks me up. Got a slight phobia as well. I def need to stock up on supplies. Auntie Netflix is at the ready…(always is, in fact, it’s terrifying when the wifi is down). Such a shame everywhere is so busy, too true.
    Good luck everyone, it really is a jungle out there in school hols #bigpinklink

  10. Gin and Netflix… two of my favourite things!
    Although my son is only 7 weeks so I’m not sue what my excuse is for the easter holidays…..!!

  11. ‘You are not a Blue Peter presenter’ hahaha I loved this! And mine is only 4 months so am on a constant school holiday haha! #BigPinkLink

  12. It is no coincidence that festivals of chocolate seem to coincide with the school holiday calendar. Easter, Christmas, Halloween (Seems to fit with Oct half term), Valentines (chocolate hearts / Feb half term). The main one that doesn’t is the 6 week helliday. I mean come on Mr Cadbury – sort it out for the love of fudge!? How are we supposed to get through it without a valid excuse to buy and eat obscene amounts of the stuff? Love this! Thanks for hosting #bigpinklink x

  13. The outdoors are a great tool. As long as the weather is good, I can just take Peachy outside and she’s golden. We go for walks, to the playground at the park, or just explore the back yard. It doesn’t matter to her. It keeps her busy and gets her all tuckered out. #bigpinklink

  14. Oh hun you will be fine, you must be halfway through now? I hope that the Easter break is going well for you, the weather must have definitely made it easier. Thanks for hosting hun. Claire x #bigpinklink

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